Are you following me ?

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I have in steemit almost 6000 followers. I'm wondering if I should create content here ? Are you following me ? Usually people with that much followers have some interaction.


You are incorrect about the interaction rate on this platform.

If you analyzed this number, you would find that most of your followers are dead fish. In other words, people who have come and gone, and the only thing that remains is a +1 in your follower count.

Further, many people follow larger users so that they may get followed back.

Finding content is where this platform really fails. (especially stumble upon)

Thanks a lot for all your comments. I appriciate you're following. A lot of things failed in this platform and the main thing that ruin the social aspect if the proof of stake. People don't interact for the content, but for money.

I'd say not to take these kind of platforms too seriously. I used to write at least once a week a few years ago, but now I just watch from above and vote what might be interersting, but also for the curation :-)

Thanks a lot for your curation. I'm glad you wrote something. I wish you all the best. I will not take it serioously anymore.

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