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What is the power of asking a great question? Which questions are worth asking today? Will you join us in asking these questions because in my life, I have found the secret to huge breakthroughs is asking better questions? For example, when I feel depressed I used to ask "What is wrong with me?" and my brain would give me a laundry list of problems which then left me feeling even worse. Today I ask "What do I need to learn from how I feel now?" and often the answers provided by this inspire me back into a state of peace and often excitement in discovering a new opportunity for growth. This literally happened twenty minutes after I wrote this and worked almost instantly to change my state.

Would we all benefit from looking at 10 questions each day to help practice the art of asking the most effective questions? Would you join us in considering these questions because the answers might prove exciting? The first question is one I have been asking myself repeatedly today!

  1. How do I provide the greatest help to the most people on Steemit with the least amount of effort on my part? Here is my answer.
  2. Why do I feel like I have to hustle for my worthiness and prove I am worthy of love everyday with the work I do when I am clearly lovable already as soon as I wake up? Isn't over $400 in post rewards enough today? What is the point of making a third post?
  3. Where is the text editor in my Ubuntu Linux installation? I have tried using and installing nano but just keeping getting an error.
  4. How do I see proof that all of my prayers have already been answered now?
  5. Why do we build new buildings when most of the ones we have sit empty most of the day?
  6. Where do I create the most joy?
  7. What is right with me today?
  8. Why do I fear criticism while knowing its value?
  9. Which person in my life do I have the biggest chance to be more grateful for?
  10. How do I avoid falling into the trap of thinking more money will lead to more happiness?

Thank you for reading this 10 questions with us! If you would like me to keep doing these each day, would you please upvote this post because that will tell me this was helpful?

Jerry Banfield


Regular purchases of STEEM, and amount of each purchase depends on the current STEEM price, the less the price, the more you buy = safest plan and most profitable

the main question I have today and in the coming 22 days is: What will be the situation of Bitcoin after 1st August...?
If you do have an answer for it, I am here to read it carefully and understand it.

Myself, more than 25% of my net worth is held in bitcoin, I believe that Bitcoin is king and will be the best crypto to hold value.
Is there gonna be a fork? I believe never, it is something that the community will never accept and this will not only have a very bad impact on bitcoins, but on most other crypto currencies.
Bitcoin future is bright, it's just king :)

Wow 25% of your net worth, that might be some really huge number. Even I do believe that bitcoin is going to be bigger than what it is now. But most altcoins are not even a quarter of BItcoin.

Let's just wait and see how well these altcoins do in future.

I think exactly the same. Bitcoin is king.

have to buy steem?

MOAR STEEM is the best savings plan.

nice comment tnx

I am on steemit because of you Jerry. I am going to take it one day at a time and figure out the best way to help and grow this community, but you just keep doing what you are doing!

Ciertamente es así, poner todo el esfuerzo por aprender y crecer, para poder ayudar a otros

Absolutely! I'm on the same page as you.

This is my first post, @Jerrybanfield I'd love if you could let me know your opinion!

How low can Steem go?

Hey jerry, great content as usual!

my question is jerry will you upvote this comment for me please?

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Where is the toaster? I need toasted bread. Urgently.

Jerry, i just love your silly little grin pop up everytime i am on steemit. You are killing it and I admire you. Keep on keeping on.

Joined Steem after watching you delivering great video contents. Now joined the esteem translation project so that i can be of some help to the project and community and also help my local language by helping to make an awesome app available in it.

What is esteem translation project? Sounds interesting.

There is some questions may change some people life. You are right if we think about this kind of things then we get at least something from which we can di batter. I am still new and learning but i always see good post and compare that what they did and what i not did so i can improve from it. Though we failed somey

I'll answer 5.
Society as it is now sucks.

Seriously though, this is the first Trending post I have enjoyed in like....forever! It is good to spend some time every day contemplating a little. In our always ON society, this is easier said than done.

With this free fall will we be at $.07 by the morning? That's is my question tonight!

If it goes down below a $1 I am going to start buying again because I think it will be $10 in 9 months or less! Firesale!

@Jerrybanfield You are doing amazing man. I follow all your post. Even il be starting posting blogs from monday. I am trying to form a company by name of silentshor. We also have a website. The whole idea is to promote steemit and our blogs which will be in all different categories like travel, photography, architecture and so on. The team behind is my friends with amazing talent and different fields. Please follow me if you can and suggest me I would love to learn from you. Infact everyone here on steemit. Also i am trying to give a platform for all steemit members where they can send me their blogs and il do all the promotion of their work on our website and all our social channels.

I started buying again... but if its back under $1, I am all in :)

I hope so. I also hope Iota goes to 10 dollars in 9 months. Oh yea, and Bitcoin 10,000

hey bro.. take us to your leader.....but really we follow you all over the net.. hacker course is the are the reason i'm on steemit. people get clarity and honesty vibes from you bro,, i git you up there with the good guru's. you taught me about coinbase, when i want that edge i go to you and a few other's..not many

THIS 100 x's ! $5.99 -$10.99 per steem by the end of the year MARK IT DOWN!

that would be so awsome! cant wait!

Time to BUY! LOL!

Can somebody elucidate me as to why it basically doubled in price in two days at the beginning of June?

Just to get me in it! I honestly think it has a lot to do with the author of this post! I know that is who I listened to. I love this place and a little addicted. Jerry got a lot of people over here. I think we will be much higher when the market is not in the crapper! Jerry is the man and watch all his videos!

I hope it goes to $0.07 so I can buy a truck load :)

If you have an hour left in your life. What would you do?

Great question! Probably pray and give hugs and cry and maybe have sex if the wife was around!

Do that every day then, live each day like its the last :)

I like how you openly express yourself really clearly to us all @jerrybanfield

Not only crypto tips but also life thoughts that enrich us readers.
Please keep the great work up :D


I drop a message of thanks and appreciation to all my relatives, friends on social media and anywhere... and say good bye prayers & blessings with my family...
what of you?

I really don't know what to do @kenhudoy.
That's why I'm asking this question in order to know from different people on what really needs to do knowing that I have an hour left to live.

well not everyone has such pleasure to know and most times not knowing is better than knowig as the unknown has a way with we humans than the known...
good for not knowing mate and keep steeming hot
that reminds me, check out my post on a short story titled family versus office and my latest on brain power...comment and support pls..

Great Smile Ronel. If I had an hour left I would push record and start singing with my ukulele. Posting this and recognizing that I am not hardly ever doing anything like that, I seem to have stumbled onto some good realization! Thank you.

Thank you and you're welcome @happyom.
Good to hear you have stumbled onto some good realization!

if nano doesn't work for you use vi or vim to edit text in linux... it's in nearly every linux build

Also if I could get $400 from 3 posts I'd call 3 pretty good for the day

@Jerrybanfield make me happy by giving Upvoting? Cry.

Thanks teacher. :)

Good post, Jerry. It's helpful sometimes to slow down and reflect to stay focused on what is really important in our short life!

Steem Backed Dollars is close to being lower than 1 dollar in BTC value whats the lowest it has ever been?

Thanks i thought it only gave us BTC price rather than USD

I find it's useful to ask myself the same certain questions every morning. I have a document called MorningPrimer.txt which contains a curated set of questions I use to prompt myself to think about what I want to achieve in life and what first steps I can do today to move closer to that.

Find which questions work for you and journal responses to them regularly. Every Sunday I do a personal weekly Retro which I learnt from Agile software development but found useful for personal development too.

Good morning sir @jerrybanfield i have a question for you, what is the app that you are using in your youtube video that the background of the video is your computer screen and your body is wrapped around the video? I am interested to use it too. Thank you.

very insightful post,I think understand our selfies in order to know what can make us feel better and motivated is one of the key to success.
Thank you bring up this questioning, it is very nice to stop and think about those things sometimes.

this way we can find a war to renovate our motivation often.

we can achieve whatever we want, if we want it in the right way!

Steem on!

very good post men .

how can a person tell if they have depression ? i made an online test and it says that in not but i still feel that something is not ok most of the time. anyone been there before ?

@seriostalk99. I think we have all been there and it is important to know when you need to talk to someone or if you are just in a slump.

If you are not able to get out of bed, leave the house, socialize, lost of interest in general activities, or just plain hopelessness you may have depression.

Hang in there and before things may feel worse find a friend and talk things out!

Thanks for your reply . made me feel better

Yes the feeling like something is not okay is one that I think questions can have a big impact on. Anxiety to me is the feeling like it is not okay with energy and depression is the feeling something is not okay while feeling low energy.

How can we contribute to the crypto Steem being on the rise? I'm scared that crash more: /

When it goes down is time to buy! I am buying again if it goes under $1 because I believe it will be $10 in 9 months or less!

Great post keep on and thanks for sharing this post it will help me alot thanks again

Hi Jerry,

You're worthy of love because you're made of love...

And here's the flawed equation most people live by...

Struggle + Stress + Sacrifice = Success = Happiness
or, to simplify it even further:
Unhappiness = Success = Happiness

which ultimately leaves us with the oxymoronic formula:

Unhappiness = Happiness

That's what happens when we hustle Jerry .....there is a better way!

love to hear from you jerry

This is great!

On point Jerry! Teamwork makes the dreamwork! It's all about identifying what needs to be fixed so we can fix it, and the first step to do that in my opinion is to ask questions!

Interesting and thoughtful post as usual Jerry.

how do you have $15.69 with only 7 votes Jerry? please follow me and read upvote me.

because jerry's upvote alone is worth $20

How is that possible?

15 Bitcoin investment in Steem and generous upvoting from readers!

this stuff is amazing, how long are you on here and how long does it take to get in to a position like yours? Of course, 15 bitcoins is a lot of USD 37,500 man you must be loaded. Congrats.... would you please follow me and upvote one of my posts... I am new would be great if you would follow me as well.

Thanks for the reply man, really appericated

Yes you invested a lot on Steemit the first week you joined the network in May.. It is a worthy investment for you I must say.

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Excellent post Jerry. We all have many questions to ask ourselves everyday. When we ask ourselves question we give ourselves answers. This allows us to make what we feel is the best decision for us at that time. Thanks for all your great posts.

Great post!

Oh I'm looking forward to this, guys!
Steemit has to be covered in the media more and more - in whatever way! Sounds like you found a fantastic partner for this. Good luck! I'm looking forward to your updates!

Great post, is awesome to ask and analyze this daily questions, we are naturally analyzers of everything, and most of the time we think we know the right answer. keep up this kind of posts, this are great, always good to have a reminder for a personal questionary.

Thanks for the tips and tricks
This will help me build better post for the future
And help me get better engagement
Thanks for your help

That is where I come to get answers to my questions. Thanks for sharing.

Jerry, if you had 100 Million Dollars... would you be on steemit? :) lol

Always on point...
which got me thinking also....and because of this same question and answer issue...i thank steemit for providing me a platform to ask myself a question and answer it... my questions are two folds..

  1. Question of the day! Steemians, need your answer... between a Man & a Woman whose brain is more efficient. Wel, my answer is in my most recent blog post
  2. How do i help new minows grow and avoid the mistakes i did... The answer is in my upcoming posts.. stay connected with me for it...

thanks as always for this and ofcourse am always a supporter...

What do you think about SBD below 1$ ?
I think that when everybody sells, is it time to buy !
I wish I could buy a little bit, unfortunately everybody don't have the same possibilities to grow. It's life.

Good questions Jerry! Have you posted about Whaleshares / Minnowsupport? If not I think that would be a good topic to get a discussion going on... Here's my writeup on the two communities:

@jerrybanfield i saw all your videos on youtube, you're sharing your experience so that we can live a better life, keep doing it, i'm here on steemit because of you, would you please upvote and follow for a good start here. thanks a lot god bless you

The best question would be, how are you going to ask another question in response to a great answer?

thanks Jerry and as always something great to take from your page. The one question I have to learn to ask today is can i every really thank you enough for checking out my post and upvoting it 50%? thank you Jerry, makes us feel we made a right decision to bring steemit to the Nigerian people

i jerry i have registered for your course i have just started with steemit,can u answer my few questions even though i have listened to ur videos practically facing problems plzzzzzz can u answer
how to increase voting power if i upvote 20 my voting power decerese is this related to reputation,initially,?
is following many people decreases rewards?

Thank you jerry for sharing it. I feel like sharing it myself as well :)

My 10 questions -

  1. Why do i feel empty inside when i have my parents, friends and all the people i love with me ?
  2. Why am i never satisfied with my life?
  3. Why do i think that more money will make me more happy?
  4. Why i wake up every morning thinking i will do something today?
  5. Why dont i talk to my parents that much even though they love me the most ?
  6. How do i make the most of my day?
  7. Why cant i think of any creative idea myself, like this one?
  8. Why life is so stressful?
  9. What type of content should i post of steemit?
  10. Why do i fear hate ?

I find myself asking questions in the negative too, just like you and Jerry mention. Try this:

  1. How can I be more grateful for the amazing friends and family I have?
  2. What things make me feel the most fulfilled?
  3. What have I experienced in my life that really makes me happy?
  4. What are the 3 most important and meaningful things I can do today?
  5. How can I learn to appreciate those who love me the most? How can I show that appreciation?
  6. How do i make the most of my day?
  7. What type of creative ideas are on my mind right now? How would I write them down?
  8. What can I do to relax more regularly?
  9. What type of content am I passionate about? What would I write about for free?
  10. How can I act out love more in every aspect of my life?

hey Jerry, how about the big ones like what is the meaning of life? or how did the universe begin? or is the moon hollow?

...and more money simply means more freedom...of course that freedom could be wasted on worrying about making more money!

I just wanted to echo what others have said. I got onto Steemit, in part because you mentioned it in your Youtube videos! Very excited about this platform!

EDIT: I've begun a blog describing my adventures in crypto-currency. Might be fun to read for other beginners.. it's not steem-clickbait-for-money but an actual attempt to write an enjoyable blog.

Hey Jerry, I just want to say thanks! I am a new cryptocurrency trader, and quite young too. I am trying to build up more money for college, and you have shown me the steps. I am currently working out the ins and outs, and going to soon have litecoins, steem, and a little bitcoin owned.

Just had my account accepted and created and this is all thanks to watching your YouTube video's , thanks for introducing me to the world of Steemit.

these questions ae helpful?

"For example, when I feel depressed I used to ask "What is wrong with me?" and my brain would give me a laundry list of problems which then left me feeling even worse. Today I ask "What do I need to learn from how I feel now?" and often the answers provided by this inspire me back into a state of peace and often excitement in discovering a new opportunity for growth."

This is awesome and I wish I would have read it this morning before I made my blog post. I would have incorporated it into my post. Why? Because my post was a story of my Aunt's suicide, prompted by a post I'd read yesterday about male suicide being a silent problem.

With this on my mind, I honed in on what you said right there in your post. It is so important for people to really understand what you said. I know your angle is more along the line of personal growth, which I totally would have gone with had I not seen that article yesterday and written my own today.

I hope I'm not being a downer, but what you said is much deeper and more significant than what you see at first glance, and I wanted to point that out. It truly is an awesome statement.

Do crypto's always drop at the beginning of the weekend from folks liquidating some funds for weekend adventures?
3rd week I've noticed the trend.

It will be lower than a dollar is a very short time and go up again. Thanks for preparing us for the rain @jerrybanfield
Some characteristics of love :

Just entered Steemit because i saw a video about steem coin in your youtube... I saw in a lot of places that you think that steem coin will be at $10 why do you think that? glad to hear an answer
Still in peace :)

Your work for steemit is just outstanding. Your ideas will definitely help the steem go up. That's why we say that you should be in the official team of steemit. :D

You always provide great help to the steemians.

And your 3rd question, for using text editor in Ubuntu you may try installing Gedit from Apps Center or terminal.
You have to type in the terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gedit

But as far as I know ubuntu itself comes with a text editor and an open office package. I have been using ubuntu since last 2yrs. Hope this helps.

By the way we all appreciate your hardwork and contribution to the community @jerrybanfield. :)

thank you. good stuff. i learnt something.

@jerrybanfield you allude to an excellent point. When it comes to life not only do we have to ask the right questions, but we also have to ask them in the right manner. When we run into life's myriad amount of roadblocks we need to ask questions that will propel us forward over them. Or questions that will positively motivate us forward, so that we learn to perceive these situations, and deal with them before they cement into roadblocks.

Hello mcdevlin182.
I write a Steemit service project. You can participate in a beta test if you reply to this message with "@username". Replace "username" with any one steemer username and remove quotations and anythingelse from the reply. Thanks!

thanks a lot for this post :D

I just got done watching one of your videos that was 2 and a half hours, i learn a lot thanks! i resteem, upvoted, followed and danced around in my room for luck!

Wonderful. Some of those are really deep core questions! The world could really be different if we sat around and discussed them more. I like that these "questions" aren't things that bring advise out of me quickly, but instead lead me to deep introspection. I will both resteem, and hope that this conversation continues well beyond 7 days. Great Work!

And, Ubuntu text editor, LMAO!

Happy Om :-)

An healthy exercise in asking and answering questions.

I really like this post Jerry...good works good works

I really appreciate authentic posts like this and I look forward to seeing more of your content in the future. I think you’d really enjoy a recent post of mine...take a quick read and let me know what you think -
Oh, and remember, be yourself, because nobody else does it better -- Full #Steem ahead Jerry :)

Much ❤

Hi Jerry, I came accross a blog post that asks for just 1 recommendedation on who to follow, naturally your name was mentioned.

*more steem leads to more happiness

These are great questions Jerry! You're always helping out people on Steemit and it's such a blessing. I believe we can constantly grow as long as we always challenge ourselves. Ask questions on how you can get better and help more people at the same time. That way it's a win/win and people respect and appreciate you that much more. I'll keep doing the same thing so together we can make Steemit a great place to be :)

Good stuff bud!

First i grow here becouse you of you, jerry. You always guide us. Plz keep learn us as you learn. Keep going. Thank you.

  1. How do I provide the greatest help to the most people on Steemit with the least amount of effort on my part?

@jerrybanfield I only have one question for you, partner...

¿Why so far, it has been so difficult for me to find any comments from you anywhere else on steemit but only in your own posts?

Yep! I probably should buy me some better glasses. :)

Your youtube page got me here and i am thankfull you did that video! I learnt a lot and currently looking to do the same as you!

I liked what u said that we need to help each other on steemit. Wonderful, am a newbie but hoped to make a success video one day. #fingercross

@jerrybanfield Along with asking myself questions that inspire growth, I create positive affirmations for myself; and for my business (I'm a multi-medium artist who strives to keep quality useable resources out of landfills; and from which, I creatively grew into buying real estate investment "fixer-uppers", that I have both flipped and turned into rental properties.) One of the positive affirmations I mindfully created 'for success' and have spoke regularly for years is this:

Please bring to me those who will benefit from what I have to offer and may there be a valued exchange of energy in return.

So from all that, ponder this....From the questions you ask yourself and from the answers that come, consider creating positive affirmations to focus on.

Great share by way. Upvoted and Resteemed. Much success to you.

I love number 7 =)
Sure, anyone could ask what's wrong with me and find some answer, but what's right with me is a much better way to look at life! Gotta focus on the positive!

You are really a great man

Jerry, you're changing people's lives with your posts everyday. The content you present is awesome and well researched. It is not about making $400 today or $4000 tomorrow. It is much, much more than that. Thank you.

1 lengthy post per day was better!

I'm a new user here, so how can i begin with good bases!!

too nice life. amazing i like its.

Cool questions which generate a lot of comments. I love your stuff Jerry! Let's work together for a better world!

You are perfect jerry more than I can say

Nice post thank you for the share we wait the new .... Followed
Good lock

For me the most important would be the answer to the 8th question. In this case, Jerry, I never see You criticize. You have a very soft presentation of the material. Without making accusations. If You criticize something —constructively.

I'm too afraid of criticism ( or rather the "assessment"), because people are unable to reach a verdict without knowing the full fact.

As we say: "Do not judge. Lest ye be judged"

excelente post amigo exitos

Nice comment, greetings from germany!

Steemit is a great way to earn money, spending time on it is valuable...

Watched your video and i was motivated to join steemit, i pledge to try my possible best to make sure steemit continues to grow and grow, am from Nigeria

I like this :)

Useful question for all of us!

Nice post Jerry

Another great video, Jerry! I too struggle with thinking positive consistently, it's a work in progress and we must practice it daily! Keep up the good work :)

Very good uncle , follow @kingjan

I like your choice of questions because I nodded to each of them individually. I am speaking for myself but I think ALL of us will agree, we have all asked the same ones, at some stage! :)I can think of two questions right now to which one I know the answer, the other I do not.

  1. Is my steemit blog broken? Where are the upvotes?
    A. LOL. I have actually asked myself that, and then gave myself a smack on the wrist- no Aine it's not!-just keep doing your very best, engage and be patient. Above the rewards, I am happy that my brain is working overtime creatively the past few months, something I put off for a long time. [but I still ask myself this question}
    2)Am I happy with what I do?
    Of course I am. I have all my life wanted to care for other people & in my profession I do that every day. I know that is what life has mapped out for me.

You have a great way of getting information across - You make it fun :]- so I am going to have more fun reading your past comments as I have only just discovered your blog.

Thank you, Jerry. This is not even about making money. To me, your questions are valid on a purely philosophical basis, also as a reminder that we need to get back to basics. May we all find and experience life as a pleasure. The little things, and all kinds of other cliche's. Let the money part be a bonus - to be enjoyed and utilized in the way you see fit, but not the GOAL of your life.

Jerry, I really like your videos on youtube. Keep doing what your doing and keep making these dope ass steemit posts.

One of the things about asking questions, is to realize the answer will always come, yet, often, we do not recognize the answer. We have to be willing to receive the answer. Remember " ask and you shall receive." ?

number 10 is intriguing
do you ever?

I saw your YouTube video and joined steemit.Thanks for everything Jerry.Keep sharing. @jerrybanfield

How do people who upvote your comment or post make u money ? Is that money deducted from their steem power ? Or the system takes care of it ?