Feeding Those In Need, Especially The Woman & Children

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We @gardenofeden have been feeding tens of thousands of free meals a year for almost a decade now.

It’s an every day thing. I only post about 1/10000 of the meals and people fed.


I’m posting about it now just to remind people that there is more than enough of everything and it’s not a lack of resources that is the problem it’s a misuse of resources and power that is a problem.


I have always put priority on helping the woman and children because woman around the world have been so suppressed and used and often are in abusive relationships just to get food and shelter.

I have taken in hundreds of women over the years for a day or years until they can find a safe place to go.


It’s especially tough for woman with children because not only do they have to take care of them self but little ones on top of it.

For the hundreds of women who are not living @gardenofesen but still need help we donate to the woman’s shelter every week hundreds of dollars worth of food.


So far I am no where close to feeding all the hungry people, but I am doing something. All that I have done comes from a simple choice.

A choice to help those around me in ways I can. It takes time, it takes energy but mostly it just takes care.




that's a very cool project ! we wish you all the best from Austria =)

God loves who is loving othets
God will support who is supporting others in their pain and sorrow. ..
God will bless your food for each bite of the food you serve to the poor
God bless uou


Bless it be~*~

Excellent work! This puts more live into this world. Thank you for such good work.

All the best.

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Bless it be∞§∞

I think it is the mind set of people to take care of the needy. Once the mindset get change and everyone start helpibg the poor no one will remaing hungry....i loved the way you all helping people.

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Yes if everyone helped just one person, NO one would need help...

Thats true @quinneaker a complete change of humanity approach

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Thats true @quinneaker a complete change of humanity approach

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Thats true @quinneaker a complete change of humanity approach

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Behavior wont to be strengthened by nice deprivation; if folks weren't hungry, they would not work. currently we tend to area unit committed to feeding folks whether or not they work or not. neither is cash as nice a reinforcement because it once was. folks now not work for penitentiary reasons, however our culture offers no new satisfactions.