Gong Sound Healing At Burning Man

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There is a LOT of music/sound at Burning Man. In truth its never really quiet. Though some camps focus more on sound healing instead of sound blaring.

I like some of the loud music crazy dance parties but generally am more into the present and peaceful vibes of sound.


I have been playing the didgeridoo for over a decade and to me its more of a spiritual tool than an instrument. So I am quite tuned into the vibration of meditation and the silence within sound.


Its nice to hold a calm and peaceful space in the craziness of Burning Man.

I really love gongs because they are just about the easiest instrument in the world to play and so great for meditation. If you haven't tried playing one before just sit in front of it and bang a slow rhythm. Pretty soon you will be in a state of peaceful presence. Its also really nice to just lye down when someone else plays especially if they are experienced.


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Chic article. I learned a lot of new things. I signed up and voted. I will be glad to mutual subscription))))

I love it cool, peaceful and calm. The blaring music blasts my ears off and my day too.
But meditating with the cool ones is soothing and heavenly.

i know i would do so many drugs if i attended this event

hahaha many do and thats one of the big draws. If your going to this is the place to do it indeed!

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So much power in the vibrations of a gong. Always my favorite part of Kundalini

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