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It was Mahatma Gandhi who told us that "everyone has the ability to shake the world in a gentle manner.

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Mahatma Gandhi says in this inspiring quote that a non-violent and loving strategy may be slow, but it can certainly lead to beneficial change. Provided that in every sense of the term our opinion is true and our purpose is pure, the opponent's conversion can be facilitated by love.

None of us can improve the whole world all alone, however, there is a snowball impact that can impact the whole planet in time by rolling out little improvements in our very own lives and urging others to do likewise.
Here are some positive ways that you can help bring about positive change in the world:

· Plant A Tree
· Share Positivity
· Conserve Resources
· Stop Polluting Water, Air, etc


So let's shake the world a little bit.:)
In a gentle manner of course. LOL

So how do you want to shake the world? Planting trees? Not contributing to pollution? or sharing your positivity?

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