Quotes About Loneliness

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Being ignored and being alone is the worst feeling ever.

Sometimes loneliness is all over and around me. But then stop my mind to think of you and enjoy my loneliness.

People say that the worst feeling in this world is being alone. But I do not agree. The worst feeling in this world is when someone forgets you whom you love. You never forget this.

You have made me all alone and I am on a point where there is no one with me and my ceiling is my best friend.


We are together all the time but still, I die from inside because of loneliness that my love has given me.

Being alone is the worse feeling that I ever had. It is like I am crying constantly but without tears. It is like a storm with no rain.

All the time I just wish to be with you, I keep on thinking of you because I am so alone. and I miss you so much.

A lot of Valentines passed and I am alone. For me Valentine is just like all the other normal days.

My teddy bear do not hug me back but for the time being all I have is my teddy.

Walking alone and slipping and falling is very scary. Not because you do not have anyone to catch you. But because as always, you are all alone.

Depression and loneliness are my best friends these days. I am not alone, all the time they are with me.