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Everyone seems to crave money. I believe what they really want is what the money represents, power, freedom, status, as well as comforts.
With the power come control of many outcomes. I suppose it is only natural to the bet on the outcome one has most control over.
Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words. That one sure says a lot.
Congratz on an awesome topic idea. Using comments for quotes is sure to spark conversation.


Hey, I have no monopoly here. Please feel free to join the effort.
Many comments are awesome.
In Zero Hedge the comments are many times more informative than the articles, and also funny.

Great! I always keep a running list of content strategy ideas for different platforms. I think you found a genius way to generate engagement. Especially here since we have the potential to reward with votes.
I have been holding off on making my own posts while I learn and build steam. Will add you and your idea to the list.
Also I think you are right. I have been finding the comment sections here to be extremely insightful on many levels.