Quotizm - Art Challenge round 1

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Hello! I started my personal project here #onedayonequote, but it became boring to draw alone. Therefore, I decided to organize a "Quotizm" Challenge so you can join me.


You don't have to be a good artist to enter, and you have a good chance of getting in because I want a lot of quotes. Also, there is no first place, second place, or third place. It's not that kind of contest. Whether you use a pencil, paintbrush or scriber, you cannot miss this challenge.

So, are you ready?

The results of the contest will be published on Tuesday-Wednesday. Follow the news!

Start Time: Monday (June, 25)
End Time: ~ 12 AM ET, Monday (July,2)

You need to portray quote "The whales, you see, eat up the little fish"
Thomas Churchyard any creative way.


★ RULES! ★
✎ You can use vector, bitmap, or even another art program, paper, sketchbook, photo or everything you want
✎ No copying anyone's artwork!! You must draw it yourself!!
✎ You can submit as many pictures you want.
✎ Upvote and Resteem this post
✎ Follow me
✎ Design an image using the quote "The whales, you see, eat up the little fish"
✎ Publish a personal post using the image with the title “ Quotizm- Challenge round 1” and use #quotizm in the tags so that we can find and upvote you!
✎ Share your image with a link to your post in the comments below.
✎ There is no entry fee.
✎Open to anyone worldwide.


  • 5 STEEM DOLLARS will get the player who will make the maximum number of designs (for each image a separate post)
  • 8 STEEM DOLLARS will get the player who will gain the majority of votes from from our jury: @teneresa, @unicorneur, @happyksu. It can be one player or several nominations
  • 2 STEEM DOLLARS raised in this contest will get the player which I will choose with a random program
  • and 7 STEEM DOLLARS from me for one of the players personally, who in the next game will be the jury and choose the winner

►Anyone that doesn't get in the prizes, I will figure out something special for you so you can get your moment in the spotlight.◄

Thank you and Follow our sponsors: @tkdesign, @happyksu, @annapoguliaeva, @teneresa, @cattleya, @serkorkin

Good luck to all the contestants!


Hello @peliken

Below is my Third Entry


Hello @peliken

Thank you very much for this challenge.

Below is my first entry:
First Entry


Hello, glad you're involved!

Hello @peliken

Below is my fourth entry


This is my second entry

Second Entry


Hello @peliken

MY 5th Entry


Great! Welcome to contest

It is great art challenge! I'm very excited. Hope to see interesting and creative entries! Good luck participants!

Hii @peliken
this is the result of graphic design.

Thomas Churchyard.jpg

how do you think about this picture?
Thank you

Hello, nice) good luck

Thank you so much 👍

Creative minds plus Great concept equals Graphics designer. Glad you made this contest possible sir/ms. @peliken.

@peliken this is my second entry.
how do you think about the second graphic design I created this, please provide input

Thomas Churchyard 2.jpg

Thank you, sponsors: @tkdesign, @happyksu, @annapoguliaeva, @teneresa, @cattleya, @serkorkin

Thank you! Become a member!

good luck to all participants ! what a fun contest :>

Hi I would like to submit my first entry
Thank you for the fun challenge.

Nice entry, so unusual! Welcome to challenge

mi diseño para este concurso. saludos.

hi, nice to see you)

Great Contest Here! I wish I could draw at least a bit to participate)) Can I use letters to participate?))

WHALES<- - -- - -- - -- -- l i t tl e fi s h

Well, at least I tried)) I better go and resteem it for others to see this contest and participate.

Axaxa, great entry! Thank you for your support and humor)

#quotizm has to be the first tag??

Hi, preferably.

Hi @peliken, may I join this contest?

Hello, sure! The rules written above, I'll wait)

Interesante, voy a tratar de hacer un diseño y unirme a este interesante desafió de diseño. Saludos y suerte a todos.

Interesting, I will try to make a design and join this interesting design challenge. Greetings and good luck to all.

Is Thomas Churchyard need to be there for the quote too?
I mean that name should be included for an illustration?

Hi, not necessarily, as you like.

...are gifs also included for this art contest?

of course, any creativity!

thanks i just made one...just check it out.

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