Quarantine Tarot Reading

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Happy St. Patrick's Day Steemit.

What a weird world we live in...

Minneapolis businesses have mostly shut down, and now we have an unkown amount of time to stay home and try not to die.

This reading is trying to figure out how to negotiate the quarantine without losing our minds.

I am using the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza.

Peace an long life, Steemit.


I guess I am back to Steemit too. I hope you don't lose your mind there!

Me thinx Da 4-lea/k-lover Flo/AT&T-at\icock.



Thanks Jakob! I can use all the crown vibes I can get!

I will say, @tarotbyfergus, you managed much better than the others who are branded to STEEMIT MONSTERS cards.

"They" should've consulted YOU regarding my DND plans for T E N B R E N E N C R A X A S T A N to avoid how I made sure they sainted themselves on full display for my advanced screening of how to wrap beef-or-king mash.

St. PA-Trick-Wrap-PEDs

Ag Korn Row Not Seen Water Treatment Split ATOOM K---NOW.jpg

They grabbed fork/row-N R/E-cin-red-UMbRA/landing hard on A-Z forK/Lovers all wrong on the ye-star wrap-up I did with FEMA.

See how the "w/hor.NE-TE" people grabbed for the cover of All-over-very-thinly spread ley line RED/OT-E.D. on the fork of "the pill" that grabbed and squeezed itself so well, that it coronates like these. I call this poor water treatment on display...ASUS and BENQ don't mesh like that and when "They Live" and try, it goes like this...

tot-'ally' mist-ills-happen.E.D.

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