QURAS: The Next Generation in Decentralized Anonymous Smart Contract Platform for Clouds and IOT.

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Blockchain technology has brought about a paradigm shift in the decentralized architecture and Beforehand distributed database and record framework required the center verifier and the security arised from that point of view presented significant downsides. Blockchain got rid of middleman

Notwithstanding, blockchain innovation additionally has various disadvantages that keep it from being utilized as a generic platform for cryptocurrencies across the globe. Tangle has been produced to counter those downsides that blockchain has.

One of the fundamental issue with bitcoin is that it has a sensibly high exchange charge. Once in a while, it very well may be much more prominent than the actual transaction. Tangle offers no exchange charge making it even broad method of creating cryptocurrency that can run on any cpu resources like internet of things. In blockchain, diggers can make new bitcoin out of nowhere. Be that as it may, tangle doesn't remunerate excavators for their computational power. That is one of the reason, tangle turned out to be potentially the most essential factor in the realm of digital money.

QURAS was introduced specially for the devices that are considered as internet of things(IoT) and has been evolving and expanding its reach to provide a smart and secure solution for a wide range of different applications.
Quras meets the increasing investments and expenditure in big data. Quras is now ready to change the way businesses and individuals define “secure” It offers a machine-to-machine micropayment system. Due to the lightness of transaction process it has been successful cryptographic money onwards.

QURAS is a platform for smart contracts and crypto-tokens that use the blockchain innovation to encourage a secure anonymous platform to share data between IoT devices and use these data to create a more intelligent response from IoT devices by applying machine learning.

Any client of QURASchain can characterize and produce occasions that will trigger the important exchanges.

QURASchain underpins both deterministic and non-deterministic savvy contracts, (for example, those in view of IoT information).

QURASchain depends on Tangle, a trend setting innovation that advanced from blockchain and presents substantial advantages for IoT stages.

The QURASchain stage is created as a blockchain innovation that has ended up being unbreakable and projectile confirmation against forging of cryptographic forms of money, trusted and secure for exchanges of institutionalized installments and the satisfaction of smart contracts. Also, the QURASchain stage bolsters unknown responsibility for QURAS tokens and wallets and anonymized token exchanges, which are basic in IoT and in managing client protection.

The QURASchain platform is developed as a blockchain technology that has turned out to be unbreakable and bullet-proof against counterfeiting of cryptocurrencies, trusted and secure for transactions of standardized payments and the fulfillment of smart contracts. Also, the QURASchain platform supports anonymous ownership of the QURAS tokens and wallets and anonymized token transactions, which are basic in IoT and in managing client protection.

QURAS offers unorthodox solution to process and analyze big data in several domains that require such anonymity:

Accounting and Auditing Financial statement auditing is an area where QURAS might cause a noteworthy disruption. Auditing companies like KPMG, Deloitte deals with terabytes of accounting statement and audit data which should be examined and checked.

Trace audit trails as every block contains a timestamp and link to previous block.
Automate the audit process
Identify the owner of a particular asset
Immutable property of QURAS can be used to make the accounting statement carefully designed.

Protection of personal information
Organizations and organizations that handle large amounts of government agencies and individual information need to be able to handle data securely.

Health care providers can exploit of the immutable property of QURAS and thus information entered into a healthcare database that uses QURAS will be stored in the network permanently

Online storage, and others.
Quras stores your data from IoT (Internet of Things) and every single other datum is safely in the cloud which is supported by blockchain technology with crypto protection.

  1. Privacy
  2. Smart Contract
  3. IoT
  4. Clouds and Big Data
  5. Eco-System
  6. Application

  1. QURAS can be viewed as a decentralized option to the traditional cloud storage system like GoogleDrive or DropBox.
  2. QURAS has very powerful features compared with other anonymous platforms has a processing capacity up to 1,000 transactions per second and an reach up to 10,000 transactions per second.
  3. Rewards for token holders
  4. Quras clients, can freely guarantee the security of their data, avoiding the participation of third parties, which has a positive impact on security.
  5. Adopt a Tangle Technology.

QURASCOIN is based on a blockchain platform which will be based on Ze - ro-Knowledge proof system focusing on anonymity for coin users and transaction will use tangles dag protocol. Qurascoin which has a distributed cloud storage platform that enables users of a distributed network to lease their hard disk space to other users. QURAS coins will give token holders and clients access to the QURASchain platform. QURAS coins and also the QURASchain platform are not for speculative investment.



Quras project’s first product will “TURN YOUR ACTIVITY INTO AN ASSET”.
There are many features on the application.

  1. you can own free coins by just taking a walk.
  2. you can hunt a monster to own coin.
  3. and more..


International Blockchain Congress in India having a presentation and booth.

Quras Project on 3-5 September for World Blockchain Forum to have a ICO pitch and holding a booth.



For more information about Quras:
Website: https://quras.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/QurasOfficialGroup2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/qurasofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QurasOfficial/
Bitcointalk Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4795475.0
Authors Authentication Bitcointalk Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1680620


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