Some of my Favorite Reflection Photo Memories !!

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Lately with having more time on my hands then i need , i have been looking through my photo gallery and coming across some nice memories of my pass travels and at the moment with all the crisis and chaos all we can do is look back at these great times had and did lift my spirits up a bit and , i can't wait to get back on that traveling road and i do think most of us would love that we all certainly need a different scenery once this mess is all over so for now dream with me.

This was in Phuket , Krabi island , Thailand.


My favorite park in the heart of Bangkok city called Lumpini Park.


And this is Bodo in Norway where i spent some time with friends hiking the national parks.


We will do it again for now we need to keep safe and healthy :)



Photo Friday #125 hosted by @qurator


Amazing photos, as always! :)

Thank you @zanetaviz hope all is well with you :)

Thank you, @hangin, I'm fine, still living in quarantine and working remotely from home :) What about you? I hope everything is OK ;)

Same over here but we are allowed out to walk the parks and some open air restaurants have opened up so i can finally eat a nice steak and veggies again they are talking about opening everything up on June 1st let's hope so.

In the mean time take care and stay safe :)

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