Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #103 - Simple Grilled Chicken and yet...

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I have been craving for this Teppanyaki for many weeks...

Chick Teppanyaki01.jpg

Ever since the nearest Teppanyaki branch to where I live closed down, I haven't had the chance to taste this for awhile.

Why do I crave for something so simple? Well, I have tried other places' grilled chicken, it just doesn't taste the same or even good.

I really like the saltiness of the grilled chicken at Teppanyaki, it brings out a complex flavour of the chicken and the mixed vegetables when mixed them together. Oh, plus the amount of fried garlic!!! Delicious... It's really hard to explain the kind of taste that I was craving for.

Chick Teppanyaki02.jpg

Chick Teppanyaki03.jpg

It's really are a simple dish of grilled chicken with salt and pepper I believe, but I am still craving for it. Going to find the nearest branch to get another taste of it.

I hope you like the food photo presented. See you all in my next post!


This is my entry for @qurator's Tasty Tuesday #103. Check out the details here for more of this amazing contest.


All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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MMMMMm..... looks good! I love chicken... and the fried garlic looks like a pretty awesome addition... although, I pity any co-workers!

The garlic really boost up the taste bud!

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Thank you.

Your craving cannot be compared to mine. I just wanna perceive ot. That's all.

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Haha... Thanks!

Yummy and feeling hungry 😛

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Thank you.

Trying different chicken dishes always fun when you find something exceptional that appeals to your taste @joelai glad you have found a new outlet.

Thanks @joanstewart! I love this dish, for the time being at least!

That looks simply delicious and deliciously simple! I totally agree with you. Some people (and restaurants) go overboard with seasoning. It kills EVERYTHING. Many times, the simplest dishes are the most enjoyable because they simply allow the flavours of the ingredients to shine through.

Totally agree with you on that @jaynie!

My @joelai, this looks delicious. The chicken so moist and of course the veggies, yum! I know when you lose a favorite restaurant it's difficult to replace it :) Cheers to finding a new special spot!

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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thank you for your support, always!

Teppanyaki is one of my favourite styles of food. I prefer it spicy!

I went to a Korean restaurant today with family, all the food in menu 80& is spicy, I end up taking the honey mustard chicken wing... Now I know why I never walk in a Korean restaurant by myself... Hehe

I like spicy 😋


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I just realize I can't go there... I will end up veeeery, veeeeery fat! Too much goodies everywhere! Nope, I can't go there!

Hahaha... But you MUST!!!
I insist!!!