Qurator's Monday Missions | XMAS Edition with BIGGER prizes!

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Monday Missions competition!

Each Monday we will come up with a new theme and will specify the form of the post. You all have 6 days to come up with something cool to have a chance to win the prizes. Since we are already hosting some other competitions we decided to make this a themed one to really get the creative juices flowing!

Qurator's Christmas Extravaganza!


From now until Christmas Qurator's Monday Missions will all be Xmas themed so strap on your xmas hats and start posting! Each week will have a new theme and new topics to take part in. Prizes are also upped to 5 Q Tokens and a 50% upvote instead of the normal 2 Q Tokens and 30% upvote (1 Q token is roughly 3 Steem).

This weeks theme: Christmas at Home with Family!!!

✪ Xmas trees ✪

✪ Pets and xmas ✪

✪ Xmas family portraits ✪

✪ Xmas home decorations ✪

Choose a topic or choose multiple topics and combine them in a post. All up to you! All forms are allowed (writing, poetry, digital art, drawings, photography, stories)

Note: Any Copy/Paste posts, Rewritten/Translated posts or posts with images/photos that are not your own might be reported to Steemcleaners. Write your own content and source your images if they are not yours, it's the right thing to do!


  • Monday Missions competition is open to all Steemit users
  • Original content only
  • Two posts per participant
  • Deadline - Sunday 0:00 UTC


  • write a post according to the given topic and form
  • make sure you include title or post: "Monday Missions entry"
  • drop a link to your post in the comment section of this post


There will be a total of 3 winners who will each win 5 Q tokens + 50% upvote

  • 5 Q tokens for each winner - tokens will be sent to your Steem Engine wallet.
  • Upvotes will be sent to the participating post. In case this post is already past payout, or has been voted by @qurator, we will upvote most recent post/comment with a @qurator upvote


@mrnightmare89 - "Monday mission entry": a fiction story of Santa in my dreams

@littlenewthings - Monday Missions Entry: Santa's Helper!

@lnakuma - Monday Missions entry - Santa's Little Sweatshop


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Congrats @mrnightmare89 @lnakuma @littlenewthings for winning a Monday Mission! You can check your QT's in you wallet at Steem Engine Enjoy!

thank you very much

Thank you!!

Oh Thank you so much @blacklux ! That's such awesome news!

The funniest thing is that I have not even started decorating for Christmas at home; because even on Christmas eve we still have hospital visitations... but I'll think of something.

You still have some time. And it doesn't have to be your home ;)

Well, I'm impaling a Christmas Tree ended being a bit trickier than I had thought... But we did it!


Thoroughly enjoyed reading about festivity preparations going on around the world @qurator

Hereby my entry. Merry Christmas/days to all of you.


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