Fresh Tomatoes Sauces for contest Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #70

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Чирик-привет, my dear friends!

My kids love to eat pasta. And I thought of making a sauce of fresh tomatoes with garlic. Most likely this recipe was invented by someone else, long before me. But I did not try this sauce before and came up with it myself for my family.

Tomatoes * (1-3 maximum ripe)
Garlic - 0.5 - 2 cloves
Spicy herbs (I have a mixture of "Italian")
Salt, pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
Also need any kind of pasta and cheese (parmesan, mozzarella, other)

I chopped the tomatoes very finely, because in this state they give a lot of juice, namely the juice in the sauce, my daughter loves the most.
I grind garlic with a press. You can chop garlic with a knife if you like pieces of it.
Then I salt the tomatoes, sprinkle them with pepper and spices.
Finally, add olive oil and mix.
If the tomatoes are greenish and straight from the fridge, the prepared sauce can be slightly heated to make the juice easier to stand out. I heat the sauce in the microwave a little to room temperature.
I boil the macaroni and cut the cheese while I make the sauce.
By the way, macaroni with such sauce is very tasty and without cheese. Children do not even notice his absence :-).
As soon as I inform my family that today for breakfast, lunch or dinner pasta, the family immediately asks if there will be a sauce?

Вроде бы всё просто, но желающие могут прочитать пост на русском в моём русскоязычном блоге.

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Я помню, читала на Голосе и хотела сделать. Но так пока не попробовала.
Фотографии очень классные! Стильно, красиво, аппетитно.

Cпасибочки! Это очень простое блюдо, ну очень простое! Быстро и вкусно!