I Told My Aunt I Want To Be A Pescatarian And This Is What Happens!

So, I told my aunt I want to be a pescatarian and she asked me what it was about. I told her that because I am chronically ill with kidney failure and doing dialysis, red meat and those heavy proteins are actually bad for me so I plan to stick to plant-based proteins, fish and all other seafoods so it would be easier for my body to digest and process. I live with my aunts now and I noticed that they are fond of fish but they would have meat three times a week and dinner is oftentimes chicken. There is always fish in the freezer so I decided to have fish all the time, some veggies and of course, the Filipino staple, rice.

My aunty thought it's better and healthy and she will support my plan. She does not mind at all having to prepare a different set of meals for me. I was surprised because this morning, she bought a lot of fishes and all sort of seafoods. Pescatarian diet is avoiding land-based animal meat and sticking to fish and seafood and vegetables. I am worried it is going to be expensive but my aunt said not to worry about it since we buy fish directly from the fishermen and it's how it is supposed to so we get them fresh and cheap.

Here are what she bought me this morning:





So many fishes! I guess I will have to stand by my word and take it seriously now.

All images in this post are mine.