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This rose is one of the prettiest photos I have taken. Some photos do not seem to bring out the full essence of the actual flower, yet this one does. I hope you enjoy it.

Esta rosa es una de las más bonitas que he fotografiado. Algunas fotos no parecen sacar toda la esencia de la flor real, pero esta sí. Espero que la disfruten.

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Now I would like to share some of my photographs. Some may be similar to those used on other platforms and some may be the same. I have 3.25 years worth of photographs that I have been using for blogging, and then more that I took prior to my blogging experience. No matter, I think they are well worth sharing. Even if a photo has been used prior to this on a different platform, the narrative will be different.

Ahora me gustaría compartir algunas de mis fotografías. Algunas pueden ser similares a las utilizadas en otras plataformas y otras pueden ser las mismas. Tengo 3,25 años de fotografías que he estado usando para el blog, y luego más que tomé antes de mi experiencia en el blog. No importa, creo que vale la pena compartirlas. Incluso si una foto ha sido usada antes de esto en una plataforma diferente, la narración será diferente.

This next photograph is one of two Orchids that I am growing. I have had them for two seasons now. This one I did get to bloom the second season, but I am still hoping for the other. I have a lot to learn about growing Orchids indoors.

La siguiente fotografía es una de las dos orquídeas que estoy cultivando. Las he tenido durante dos temporadas. Esta llegó a florecer en la segunda temporada, pero todavía estoy esperando la otra. Tengo mucho que aprender sobre el cultivo de orquídeas en interiores.


This next photograph is of a California Poppy. It a small flower that does not get very tall. This macro-view is wonderful.

La siguiente fotografía es de una amapola de California. Es una pequeña flor que no se hace muy alta. Esta vista macro es maravillosa.


I like to include wildlife photographs in my publications. I hope you enjoy this photo of a whitetail deer. This is just behind my house where I have a watering station for the deer during the dry months.

Me gusta incluir fotografías de la vida silvestre en mis publicaciones. Espero que disfruten de esta foto de un ciervo de cola blanca. Está justo detrás de mi casa donde tengo una estación de riego para el ciervo durante los meses secos.


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I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for most photographs, except where noted. I do have an older PowerShot Canon camera that I use from time to time. I have been using my phone camera for photos of plants in the plant room at times. Wildlife is usually taken by a stationary trail camera that takes photos based on motion.

Estoy usando una Canon EOS Rebel T5 para la mayoría de las fotografías, excepto donde se indique. Tengo una vieja cámara PowerShot Canon que uso de vez en cuando. He estado usando la cámara de mi teléfono para fotos de plantas en la sala de plantas a veces. La vida silvestre es generalmente tomada por una cámara estacionaria de senderos que toma fotos basadas en el movimiento.

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This brings us to the end of this publication. I trust you will find something in it that you enjoy. I am not going to set a schedule for publishing content. There are times I just cannot get to putting together a publication. Thank you.

Esto nos lleva al final de esta publicación. Confío en que encontrarán algo en ella que disfruten. No voy a establecer un calendario para la publicación de contenidos. Hay veces que no puedo llegar a armar una publicación. Gracias.



Hermoso reporte como siempre @r2cornell y su comunidad #r2cornell. Bellas imágenes.

Muchas gracias.

I love everything related to nature, the yellow color of the flower is nice .

Happy you enjoyed.

hi sir ...
so glad to see your post today ..
I'm back sir ..
after a few months of vacuum ...
@baretbiru account is active again ...
support please sir ...

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Welcome back. I will check out your posts.

Good work for nature photography . its really look.
Thanks sir this post . Have a great day.

Wow lovely pink rose flowers. i like it. that is beautiful photography,

Beautiful pictures!
Rose, like the queen of flowers, comes first :-)
The orchid is beautiful!
Orchids are watered from a pallet.
Water when its roots turn grayish.
In order for its roots to be visible, the orchid is planted in a transparent pot.

Thank you. Yes I have both my Orchids in a transparent pot, then set inside another pot. One bloomed twice last year and the other has not bloomed again since I bought it. I am remodeling my plant room. It is there I grow food during the winter. I grow some things during the summer months as well. I have increase useable space so I can grow more and add to my Orchid collection. I have plans of adding a lot more space, but have to take it in stages.

Besides the usefulness of growing plants for food, also get great pleasure from it!

aww what a pretty pink rose at the beginning, loved it! 😍🥰
@r2cornell thanks for sharing with us. Have a nice day!

Hola @r2cornell, eso es genial el ciervo es como una de sus mascotas.

Hola. Gracias.

California Poppy is a new flower to me to see, beautiful flower shots sir @r2cornell my pleasure to visit your awesome photography again.

Thank you. California Poppy is a beautiful flower. Due to its small size it is an excellent candidate for Macro-Photography

Flowers are blooming everywhere for everyone who wants to see them. (Dorothy Rove). You can see the most beautiful thing in the world - flowers. Thank you, the rose is alive.

Thank you very much

The extraordinary beauty of nature is revealed by your photography.

Thank you.

What is your connection with sagor5828? There is a connection in your wallets. Posts are very similar???


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Writing a few pages where the main topic cannot be highlighted, There one photography is enough!😊

I am not sure what you are talking about. Are you criticizing the length of my post? Normally my posts are much longer. If someone publishes only one photo they usually do not get my vote. My curators usually will skip over those posts too.

No, You have maybe misunderstand.
I did not criticize the length of your post. I mean, photography is an art by which the amusing view of nature is created with just one click. Where a writer cannot express such beauty by writing a few pages. However, A photographer can do this.
I hope you understand.😊
Thank you!

I now understand. Thank you

Beautiful ....

Wow ,, this is so charming. I love every beauty you show

It was heartwarming to see photocopies of your roses and landscapes

Buenas vibras @r2cornell. Que todo fluya y nada influya. Buena eleccion amigo veo que entiende el gran sentido de formar parte de este universo.

Beautifull flowers

Sigueme r2cornell

Sigueme @r2cornell ya te estoy siguiendo

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