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So I broke my goddamned toe today.


I took a flight from Birmingham Alabama to Denver today. In the airport I drank a beer with an older black gentleman. He was a proud marine, but a very peaceful guy. He seemed to be mid sixties.

Towards the end of the flight he went to the restroom about ten rows behind me just MO. Ends before the pilot announced we would be landing soon. Seatbelts, tray tables, electronic, blah blah. You know the drill.

Less than a minute later the flight attendant (6'6" prick) begins banging on the door and demanding the old man return to his seat. Yelling. Heads turn and he get louder like he has something to prove.

The old marine comes out a moment later and the fucking FA is unbuckled and has jumped up and pinned him against the wall screaming: get back to your seat and sit down!

Out of nowhere a meat-head Alabama boy charges past me and chokeslams the old guy and begins punching him. Immediately most of the black folks were on their feet mobbing the back of the he plane to separate the two.

They taped up the hands of the old man and one of the women that ran to his defense.....strangely the two violent ones were left free (the flight attendant and the tattooed young white attacker).

The two black folks were escorted off the plane by police before the rest of us were allowed to disembark.

When I got to the breezeway, they had the old timer laid out in a way that forced everyone to walk past and over him. I lightly kicked the old man's shoe and said something like, "fuck those guys man, they should be tied up instead of you."

"tell this cop"

So I did. I filed a report along with at least 15 other people all in favor of the old man.

I pointed my finger at the attacker and said: "that guy is violent and dangerous, and should probably go to jail for assault."

Then I turned and rammed my foot into the divider of a speed Walker and broke my fucking middle toe. It was white on one side and brown on the other. Now it's half black too. God bless America, and fuck a racist.


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