New Card for Rada Quest TCG - Aidara (Fairy Nightmare)

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Hi radanians, princess, warriors, gamers and other disreputable dudes!

There is no place in the forest, however deep, that is free from danger. Not even the little fairies, so cunning, so hard to see, can neglect surveillance. When Aidara enters the forest, the fairies run and disappear. If Aidara finds you, nobody will see you again. The magic dust that covers the delicate wings of fairies is much appreciated among powerful people. There is a belief that it can extend life. Aidara doesn't know if it's true; she is a dark elf of the forest and her life is very long by nature. What she does know is that she can earn many coins selling fairy dust.


Illustration created by Marcos DK for Rada Quest TCG

I hope you like this new illustration for the Rada Quest game cards. In recent days I have been very busy with the development of the game. Specifically with the development of a mini-game that will be included in the main game as added entertainment. The good thing is that this mini-game will soon be available to everyone and will be an opportunity to win some interesting prizes.

If you like the illustrations created for the game, you can buy some of them in the [official game store] ( and thus collaborate with the project with its financing. Copies are available for digital download in Ultra-High Definition and you can find the official versions of the cards and some NSFW versions where the fantasy has been unleashed.


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This illustration was created with Daz Studio and Photoshop. You can learn to create your own fantasy illustrations follow my introductory course of Daz Studio in Udemy (in Spanish). You can follow this link (with discount code included)

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Rada Quest
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Written by @marcosdk
All the pics by @marcosdk


Nicely done!

Kind of reminds me of an splinterlands earth card, but I don't really know if Wood Nymph, Spirit of the forest or Lynna natura

Aquí seguimos dando nuestro pequeño apoyo de palabra y estimulo, Aidara espectacular como siempre un trabajo hermoso @radaquest @marcosdk

"What she does know is that she can earn many coins selling fairy dust."

Omg, is she family of Taruk? 😁

Wonderful drawing 💯

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I love the fairy :P

Another awesome illustration from RadaQuest TCG!

I love this new creation, @marcosdk and @radaquest, a character that will undoubtedly give many a headache because of its power. Beautiful emerald green color that bewitches and deceives, very well done and beautiful to look at. Waiting for the premiere of what will be the best game of the blockchain, we are accompanying on the road and waiting for the mini-game to be warming up the engines. My unconditional support and my love, dear team, I hug you back!

Me encanta esta nueva creación, @marcosdk y @radaquest, un personaje que sin duda alguna dará muchos dolores de cabeza a muchos por su poder. Hermoso color verde esmeralda que hechiza y engaña, muy bien realizada y bella a la vista. Esperando el estreno de lo que será el mejor juego de la blockchain, vamos acompañando en el camino y esperando el minijuego para ir calentando los motores. Mi apoyo incondicional y mi cariño, querido equipo, los abrazo de vuelta!.


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A beautiful work. Very nice card.
Be success!