Rada Quest Trading Card Game - Gems mini-game preview

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Hi radanians, princess, warriors, gamers and other disreputable dudes!

By the holy fire of the dragon! what we are getting urge to steal the precious gems from the miser of Taruk! Hahaha. And especially knowing that there will be substantial prizes in BATTLE, DEC and Soul Crystal at the end of each tournament. Almost everything is ready. To prepare the arrival I show you a match preview from a very bad player.

¡Por el fuego sagrado del dragón! ¡Qué ganas tenemos de robar las preciosas gemas del avaro Taruk! Y más sabiendo que obtendremos sustanciosos premios en BATTLE, DEC y Soul Crystal al final de cada torneo. Ya casi está todo listo. Para preparar la llegada os dejo con una preview de una partida realizada por un jugador 'manco'.

Rada Quest is a multiplayer and free-to-play online game that is still under development. The game style is about tradings cards and building. The theme of the game are the adventures of epic fantasy, sword and sorcery. The illustrations on the cards recreate fantasy scenes with courageous warriors and beautiful sorceresses. There is also place for monsters. The game includes a real-time strategy system on resource generation, building construction and development of a skill tree. However, the main body of the game is the creation of a deck of powerful cards to compete against other players or against the creatures of the game at events.
The game is still under development.
Official page: https://radaquest.net/


If you like the illustrations created for the game, you can buy some of them in the [official game store] (https://radaquest.net/shop/) and thus collaborate with the project with its financing. Copies are available for digital download in Ultra-High Definition and you can find the official versions of the cards and some NSFW versions where the fantasy has been unleashed.


Invest in Rada Quest buying TARUK token

See info: http://gt.3dkrender.com/investinrada


This illustration was created with Daz Studio and Photoshop. You can learn to create your own fantasy illustrations follow my introductory course of Daz Studio in Udemy (in Spanish). You can follow this link (with discount code included) https://www.udemy.com/iniciaciondazstudio/?couponCode=DAZHISPANO

Create stunning 3D models for games

Rada Quest
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Written by @marcosdk
All the pics by @marcosdk


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Estupendo a practicar para agarrar algo de esas gemas maravillosas @radaquest dando empuje al proyecto.

Very good, I need this!! come soon!!!


Awesome, cant wait to play!!!

Aplaudimos tus logros, estimado amigo @marcosdk, @radaquest

Felicitaciones por los logros que se van sumando.
Bien lindo ese juego de las gemas.
Pobrecito Taruk, ejejejej
(Debo el voto)

Hola @radaquest.

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Hola @juancho10
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Gracias por la corrección.

Congratulations @radaquest!
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