GIF of the week raffle/contest #9 YOU decide! WIN SBD!

in #raffle3 years ago

Hey steemians,
here is the 9th gif contest! You can win 50% of this posts autor-reward! Just let me know, what gif is your favorit! be in the game, you have to

  • be my follower
  • smile and upvote this post
  • write a comment with your favorit gif
  • (you don´t have to share, but when the post-reward is getting higher, the prize is also higher!)

The payout will be normaly after 7 days and will splitt under all competitors!

The payout from from the GIF raffle #7 is about 0.09 SBD and will split to:
-> everybody gets 0.01 SBD ^^

...und auch nochmal auf deutsch möchte ich euch begrüßen und hoffe euch zum lächeln/lachen zu bringen!

Ihr könnt 50% vom Autoren-Reward gewinnen!
....was ihr dafür tun müsst ist:

  • mein Follower zu sein
  • min. einmal lachen und diesen Post upvoten
  • ein Kommentar mit der Nummer von dem Gif, welches euch am besten gefällt
  • (es muss niemand diesen Post teilen, aber um so höher der Autoren-Reward ist, um so mehr kann gewonnen werden!)

Die Auszahlung findet i.d.R. nach 7 Tagen statt und wird unter allen Teilnehmern aufgeteilt! lets go! Here are the Gif´s!

Nr. 1

Nr. 2

Nr. 3

Nr. 4


Nr. 6

Keep smiling and have a nice day!



Nr 1. it happend this night xD .

how it would look on the other side? ;) Thanks for you vote!

Ok im on steemit for 3 day and 1st my post is worth more than 0 thanks a lot you made my day :P

Your welcome, dude ;)

Nummer 5 :D
Defintiv mein Humor! ;)


Katzen sind auch immer wieder super...


everytime a good choice ;)

Nr. 6 cause I'm thinking about who i can surprise with something like that.

I tought about it, too ;) ...someday, somebody will grab the shit.

Nr 5 because I like cats :)

and you do very well... cats are soooo funny!


an up-vote for you

Thanks for the upvote :) but come on, choose wich one you like at the most.

Numero 3 jajaja.

gif number 3 maybe

maybe? ;) but thanks for your vote!

I like number 2!! Data ftw! :)

Thank for your vote!

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he got my flag ;) you saw his wallet? He got some steem from @contestbuddy, who´s dooing nothing. Looks like they are doing shit on steemit.