the mob. or the rumor mill scare... oregon rainbow gathering...

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Well wow. Spread Steemit to the point even people I hadn't talked to knew about it. And everyone there was down.

What free money? Residual income?

Well that went along great and chopping wood was awesome.

Then Joey joined the crew. Good guy just hard worker. He ended up being dosed with research chemicals.

He is a lonely single guy. And made a small mistake. Yeah he tried to rub one out while covered in his blanket.

He freaked out and had to be restrained. When he came to it was with a huge group of people. An elder woman sang him a song and Gave him a hug.

Well he rested for a while then wanted to make things up by working. And it would help get the toxins out of his system.
That went good until he showed up to help another camp. Then an angry mob chased him. Luckily me and @tilestar showed up to get him out of there and to stand down the mob.

Again he had to be hidden. Things went well until I left. When he went crazy that night. The next morning I got the report and was hooked up with a knowledgeable Elder. And we walked up the hill to find him.

He was being watched and things were going great. Until we called a council.

The Agro crowd had been filled with rumors about Joey. And things changed into a Lynch mob. And without any elders a vote was cast by a very biased crowd.

Threats towards Joey was made all the way down the hill and we narrowly were able to contain the crowd.

He was safely escorted to a safe place and helped out with funds and some gear to replace his stolen things.

At an after council we talked about these events.

Me and @tilestar were singled out for acknowledgement. And we're thanked by the family for not only the help but also the work and respect for the traditions.

The new people don't know the old ways. Or tradition. Let alone protocol.

Even after council the elders sought me out for personal thanks and to give me a hug.

Many blessings. But my ptsd is definitely acting up.

As well the rumor mill included doggo and I was nearly forced to defend myself the previous night.

I have to keep doggo safe. It's my responsibility.

But so is keeping people safe.

You all have a responsibility for the protection of your tribe.

Changes are coming to Rainbow.


I'm sorry Joey, I wish I could have done more. It wasn't right to exclude you and send you away. We needed to get you a safe home to spend some time away from the civilization that has thrown you away.

One day maybe we can meet again. I hope you find a tiny corner of happiness. You deserve it.

Thank you Joey. You helped me see beauty and love. Wish one day you will too.

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