Weird obsessions

in #rambling2 years ago

My day is affected by some strange obsessions like trolling all over YouTube commenters or walking 2 miles for a solid café con leché.

While those are a couple of the daily ones, there are bigger obsessions that lay heavily on me like pretty beaches, useful projects, and remote places you're not likely to find by accident.

For quite a few years now I've kept a really low profile, even electronically. I'm not an overly paranoid person but subconsciously I've been practicing how to hide at a moment's notice.

No contracts, no electronic banking, cheap phone, etc. In a few hours I can be gone gone gone.

Why does this matter? I don't like paying taxes beyond what I consume. And if i can create and trade what claim should any government have on any of that?

It's come to my attention recently that if an American citizen finds him or herself with an IRS bill in excess of $50,000 they will recommend to the state department a revocation of your passport.

It's still really easy to sneak out of the states into Mexico, and from there most borders can be crossed easily on foot, and the Visa process doesn't check passport validity electronically. Easy peazy....until your passport expires.

Then what? I had a Canadian friend who has been living in Colombia for 5 years. His Visa allows him to come and go as he pleases, and he has essentially all the same rights as a citizen. No vote of course, and some other minority shit.

He signed a civil union contract withna random woman from the internet, paid the government of Colombia $500,000 (that's pesos) and a day after he received his card, they applied for an anullment and less than a month after they began the process he was single again and had a three year visa.

I imagine there are schemes like this all over the place place, but goddamn the women in Colombia were the most beautiful, kind, and generous I've ever seen.

Fuck. I think I have cabin fever or something. I feel like I started writing this days ago and have been barfing nonsense into it so maybe I'll just stop.


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