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RE: 💫 Simple Monday Challenge 2!! 💫 Share a Random Fact About Yourself with Me!

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BTS: Hazem91

  • I got arrested in the tunisian revolution.
  • I have Karate black belt.
  • I broke my arm once, I broke one of my friends' arm twise and I broke a truck driver's arm once in an accident.
  • I found myself homeless in Istanbul for one night.
  • I'm good at public speaking but cameras make me feel unconfortable
  • I can speak three languages fluently and I'm learning three more currently.

oh wow, 3 languages is quite impressive, do you mind telling me which ones?

Arabic is my native language (I'm from Tunisia)
French is the second language in Tunisia we use it at school for science and engineering lessons(I'm an electric engineer)
And english is my third 😉 only about 10% of Tunisians speak English but I like it and I had my ways to practice.

I'm learning Italian, Turkish and German 😊

Very interesting guy...I would need your help in breaking someones arm asap...d guy has been owing me for so long...

Sorry man I never do it on purpous
I always have a good intention lol

wonderful, I know several people who, for their own best, need their arms and more to be broken ;-)

for their own best

you're so funny

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