💫 Simple Monday Challenge 2!! 💫 Share a Random Fact About Yourself with Me!

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Let's get to know each other!!

Share a Random Fact About Yourself with Me!

My goal with this challenge series is to provide people with challenges that are simple to give people the opportunity to win WHALESHAREs without requiring them to possess a certain skill.

Steemit is a social media site, so let's be social!

10 random facts about me....

  1. I can say all the States (in the United States) in alphabetical order.
  2. I hate jello.
  3. I have two toenails on each of my baby toes.
  4. I once owned a pet tarantula, he was aptly named the itsy bitsy spider.
  5. Crocheting is one of my favorite things to do.
  6. My favorite color is Green.
  7. I can sing in front of anyone, but I am terrible at public speaking.
  8. My favorite movies are "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "Four Rooms".
  9. I collect many different things among them are old metal music boxes, rocks and old/foreign coins.
  10. I once worked at a Cardboard Factory.

Challenge Rules

  • Share at least 3 random facts about yourself.
  • Keep it PG.
  • Include your Bitshares/Openledge account name in the comment.

💕 I will be rewarding everyone who enters!

Everyone who enters will receive:
I will also upvote your comment.

It is not necessary to UPvote this post to enter, but your support is appreciated.

Contest Ends on March 5, 2018 at post payout.

Anyone can enter! I made it simple to ensure this.

One entry per person.


Must already have or be willing to create a bitshares account in order to claim prizes,
a free account can be made here.

Come Visit me in Whaleshares Discord: https://discord.gg/qDUmmPC

I'd LOVE to meet you!

Much Love,


Thank you @officialfuzzy and @akrid for making these type of contests possible!!


I can't make any speech in the midst of female

I play instruments

I have many dreams i will love to fulfil

I aim to learn skills I can set my eyes on

I try my best in helping those in need

Thanks for this great opportunity @krazykrista

Bitshare account name is valchiz123

Hello @krazykrista
Thanks for this wonderful challenge. I hope to win some whaleshares.

Some Random Facts About Me

  1. I like to read and I don't enjoy writing.
  2. I have an imaginary pet cat and I named her Felicity.
  3. I am agoraphobic and shy though some people think I'm coy.
  4. I cry at least once a day.
  5. I really don't have a mastery of any language. I just know the languages in a bit.
  6. I'll like to keep an Afro but my hair is very tough and easily get tangled, so I never do.

Well, that's some facts, Would drop more if possible. My bitshares account name is "learnandteach01".


oh don't cry hugs You will definitely get some whaleshares, you participated flawlessly :)

Awwwn. Thank you. And we have something in common, our favorite colour is green. Why did you chose a tarantula for a pet? Hope it didn't bite you.
You singing in front of everyone and cant do public speaking still got thinking. I can't speak in public too..🙈

Really you cry once daily, but the day I saw you, no tears

Hehehe. I did already before we met. It's usually just tears from prolong staring at my phone.

My 3 random facts

  • I am lazy as fuck
  • I am a movie maniac. I have watched 8 movies in a single day many times.
  • I love to read novels
  • I am shy while talking to girls 😂

Bitshare a/c : xerox7

P.s i used whaleshareand hairshare for upvoting my post. But I didnt get any . Why is that so ?

message me on discord

This comment has received a 2.02 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @hurrahay.

If you ask me...

1.- I love of knowledge in its different presentations.

2.- I believe that the educational system must change towards a direction in which we can all show our different talents.

3.- I love radio and its ability to build and know society in different countries.

4.- I take a very long time to write.

5.- I am a person who orders and classifies almost everything and needs to know where everything is at all times.

6.- 90% of the time I spend awake, I keep thinking and reflecting on a thousand different things.

7.- Every day I try to predict my future, take care of my actions and make the hypothesis of the different scenarios and consequences that may occur to me.

8.- I think a book is never just a book, in fact, I believe it is an excuse to find ourselves in other people's lives (real people or not).

9.- Finally, I think that life ends in a second and that every time we blink we spend 10 years. We get older, and time does not return, does not forgive

Thanks for all, Krysta.
My account is: nrb-gav

Hey some random facts about me:

  • I mostly have a backpack with me but its very often empty
  • I like the number 7
  • I need some time to wake up in the morning
  • I like canada
  • I often listen music
    Cheers J

This looks simple and fun so let's join it :)
1 left handed
2 Dreaming of having dog one day
3 Never tried skiing
4 Breath diving record 12.5m
5 Having fright of heights but love to fly by plane
6 Had problems in school while drawing secretly on classes
7 Can't hold herself in Art supply shop
8 Love bags, large ones
9 Not using make-up for years
10 In love with Leonard Cohen music

It's interesting to think of myself in this way :)
Bitshares name soul-offorest40

Amazing facts to read threw! :) Did you know..

That male lions defend the pride’s territory while females do most of the hunting. Despite this, the males eat first.
Their roar can be heard from as far as 5 miles away.

(I'm dangerous when hungry as well. ;) )

Also, did you know 13.5% of Americans admit to eating 20 or more chocolate chip cookies at a time? :)

(Gotta love em! <3)

@warrkin Hey bud, you are a week behind, this week's challenge is suppose to be facts about you. So unless you are a female lion, you need to try again 🤪

Happy to participate @krazykrista in this wonderful challenge random facts about me:

1. My passion is to exercise myself dancing with the step
2. I don't like chili in my meals
3. My favorite dance is cumbia and romantic music

Oh, how nice, finally a challenge that isn't too terribly challenging after all 😊

  1. I didn't know what PG means and had to look it up
  2. I can speak in front of anyone, but they would all run away, if I started singing
  3. I like to work with wood and build my own frames for my paintings
  4. My favorite color is orange, but sometimes also red, green or blue. On other days violet.
  5. I'm German, but I lived in the US for almost 10 years
  6. I love riding my motorcycle
  7. Once a week I run an art workshop in a special needs school
  8. The first time I remember holding a brush was at the age of 3
  9. I can be by myself for days without feeling lonely or bored
  10. I smoke a cigar when I finish a painting, which is 6-8 times a year

Openledger: hermes777

BTS: aquacy2

Facts about me.
I love my family and friends.
I hate noise so i prefer being alone.
I love technology.

Hey krista!! Hope you're doing well :)

Facts about me

  1. I'm a firm believer of NO pineapples on pizza ( i like the fruit, just not on pizza)
  2. I love playing badminton
  3. I have a brother who's a year older than me
  4. I dream of one day being able to play the piano
  5. I absolutely love the ocean!!! gaaaah!!
  6. Ever had that feeling of being in a high place and just wanting to jump off? I have those. he he he

Thanks for opportunities like this! See ya around discord. virtual hugs

BTS: jepu-43556

I am an Englishman in NY
I have not read a book in probably 20 years
I make music and videos on an iPad
I like my day job
I only joined bitshares yesterday: red-sky-lullaby

I can recite all states in Nigeria in aphatical order

I once owned a resturant

I love pink and blue colours

I am yet to have a whale share account.

Thanks for this oportunity.

Three Random Facts About Myself:

  1. I was adopted at birth and recently found my birth family. I have 4 amazing brothers that didn't know I existed.

  2. Rescued a baby squirrel, that became a pet.

  3. Was a stunt actor in Hollywood for 12 years.

Bitshares Account: AMYHONEY7

1- I have no hearing on my right ear.

2- I hate onions and cucumbers.

3- I've never had a conventional job, I've only done music and singing for a living and I love it :) , however I often think that I'm missing out on something hehe.

4- I speak spanish natively but it's sooooo much more simple for me to write lyrics in english, it's kinda ridiculous hehe.

openledger / luisferchav7

Thank you so much for this @krazykrista... You are really awesome

so krazy nd some random factz bout me

  1. I sing alot
  2. I love to dance also...could dance for hours
  3. I love light skinned ladies...lol, like I could fall into a ditch looking at them
  4. I love to eat little things almost everytime
  5. I love to do makeup and thats part of my profession, will post my newest tutorial on headtie soon
  6. I love to be taller, bit I guess am stucked...thanks to my dad...hahahhaha
  7. I love to always comb my beards cos I feel it makes the ladies trip😁😁😘
  8. I love to sketch peoples name nd make people around me feel happy
  9. When am angry, i just cant hide, its all over my face..😬😤
  10. I fall in love too easily...😄😄😍lol...
    Thanks dearie...I think theres more, bur leemme stop here.

Nature inspires me, I love it
I like sports, I'm a tennis coach
I like personal development, I study it
I like classical music, it calms me
I like women, I respect them and love them
I love blue sky full moon and sunrise
My Openledge account is stephan1992

I also like personal development, I have never played tennis, nice to meet you.

You should try! It's a very beautiful sport that trains the mind and the body!

I am black and handsome

My favourite colour is blue

I am hot tempered at times

I can recite the 36 state and capitals of Nigeria in Alphabetical order

I have date five different all in all my life

My relationship is complicated

I eat a lot

I am a comedian and actor

I like you a lot @krazykrista

I can be unserious most times

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to share who i am.

Do you have a bitshares/openledger account?
A comedian ay? Tell me a joke :) I love to laugh

Hi, Krazykrista!

I like your quirky Challenge! Here's some random facts about me:

  1. I like to read the ingredients listed at the back of shampoo bottles. It helps improve my pronunciation.

  2. I keep the shiny coins when giving back change.

  3. Favorite food is Pasta

  4. No problem with public speaking and speeches but utterly tongue tied in front of someone cute. 😅

  5. Left little finger is a bit crooked because I accidentally sat on it from an awkward angle when I was little.

  6. I can bend my left leg sideways up to my chest

  7. I can manually bend my left thumb backward

  8. Curl my tongue upward in a cup shape 😛

My Bitshares account is omz81, thank you! 😊

I like to read and I don't enjoy writing.
I can be by myself for days without feeling lonely or bored
I love anything nature
Bitshares user:softwrites1

Hi @krazykrista I like this contest.
Here are a few facts about me:

  • My first every day intake is a glass of water with lemon.
  • I like sports, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • I have problems giving my opinion without thinking first, meaning I could hurt feelings sometimes.
  • I enjoy watching series. Currently watching "The Ministry of Time"
  • I enjoy helping animals in need.

I appreciate everything you do to create value for this platform, I'm sure Steemit would never be the same without users like you =)

Here my bs account: ciar-cab

  1. Speaking of tarantulas, I used to own a reptile breeding business, which consisted of various breeds of geckos, various breeds of chameleons, uromastyx, ball pythons, and a bunch more.
  2. I own more than 2000 vinyl records, but I don't own a record player.
  3. I have a wide range of educational backgrounds; i.e., aerospace assembly, dental hygiene, fashion design, etc.
  4. I have an eclectic taste in music from all eras, but I prefer pre-1990s.
  5. I'm never giving you my bitshares account!!

nice to have you here, and i will just throw prizes at your posts.....i have decided i like you :) watch out dude lol

My ambitions to solely survive on Steemit is over!!

I like to chart with new people, I also love to shear my life experience with people that are yet to be in my shoe. But one thing that can not be shared is my oddsOluwaseyi.jpg

I am a boy with 21 looks still like a kid.😊
I love to eat delecious food but hate to cook food.
I have lots of dream and waiting for a perfect day to overcome it.
I am writing this comment in hope of getting reward.😬
I love eating apple but apple ruined our study life due to newton.
Hey thx @krazykrista for giving a lovely opportunity.


I am 6fr tall
I own a neopolitan mastiff
I love playing table tennis
I hate cooking
I hate doing dishes
I love short girls
I am a dreamer
My favourite colour is yellow
My best food is beans

do you have a bitshares/openledger acocount?
Oh mastiffs are beautiful, I also quite like beans, which ones are your favorite?

Addd3 is my openledger account, and I like any kind of beans. And I also play the guitar.

BTS: Hazem91

  • I got arrested in the tunisian revolution.
  • I have Karate black belt.
  • I broke my arm once, I broke one of my friends' arm twise and I broke a truck driver's arm once in an accident.
  • I found myself homeless in Istanbul for one night.
  • I'm good at public speaking but cameras make me feel unconfortable
  • I can speak three languages fluently and I'm learning three more currently.

oh wow, 3 languages is quite impressive, do you mind telling me which ones?

Arabic is my native language (I'm from Tunisia)
French is the second language in Tunisia we use it at school for science and engineering lessons(I'm an electric engineer)
And english is my third 😉 only about 10% of Tunisians speak English but I like it and I had my ways to practice.

I'm learning Italian, Turkish and German 😊

Very interesting guy...I would need your help in breaking someones arm asap...d guy has been owing me for so long...

Sorry man I never do it on purpous
I always have a good intention lol

wonderful, I know several people who, for their own best, need their arms and more to be broken ;-)

for their own best

you're so funny

I used to train guide dogs for blind people,
I have an annoying tick on fumbeling labels in clothes
I like swimming and watersports but I dont like being under water
I hate flying
I get headaches when I dont drink coffee
I can sing the Ducktales intro tune although I dont have any kids
I have an openledgeraccount at karinxxl1984 ;)

ducktales woooo-ooooo
doesnt everyone get headaches when they don't drink coffee....hehe
coffee is life

I don't think they do, I never taste coffee before

Ahhhhh then you will not have the addiction issues including coffee-withdrawl

I #love my #friends
I #play outdoor #games
I wake up morning
I don't like to #drink
I #help my friends and other peoples
I can #speek different #languages

do you have a bitshares/openledger acocount?
I think we all wake up in the morning, your excessive use of hashtags makes me smile. nice to meet you :)

  1. I have spent hundreds of hours researching hundreds of cryptocurrencies and token ICO's
  2. I can also sing in front of anyone, but am also terrible at public speaking.
  3. I was into trading digital currencies before bitcoin was even thought of.
    BTS- Lmnts
    I sent you a message on discord about http://eos.cafe/ Hope you check it out, I'm trying to help build a community of EOS holders.
  • I know all the names of the arenas in the NBA.
  • I stay in Africa but I know most slangs in The Us.

BTS .... addempsea1

  • Call me weird, I shake after everytime I have
    course to run water through my body.
  • I'm just about the only person in the world
    that can deliberately make a cringing sound
    out of my shoulders and ankles
  • I have a dual personality. I have the no-holds-barred naughty moment and the all cool saintly moment. It depends on the mood and circumstances.
  • I have a short attention span on anything. But in the begining I'm always all enthusiastic and eager.
  • I doze during lectures, church service and any activity that involves my sitting down and being taught for hours.
  • And finally, I have a bitshares account which is LEMM-BE
    Thank you @krazykrysta
  • I am always charming in everyone's opinion.
  • I enjoy waking to eat around 2 am
  • I love beans so much that i could eat it 3 times daily
  • I am reserved in nature but i have alot of friends
  • I learnt how to use the ArcGIS software by myself

My bitshares account is; factism001

i have 3 kids and 3 step kids
i can eat candy for breakfast lunch and dinner
i love anything nature and can sleep outdoors on the ground
i cook dinner; my wife helps
i still remember the songs to various commercials i liked as a kid
spiders scare me
i rarely drink, but i love good beer
bitshares name is daddyray831

I too love nature and candy, that is awesome that you cook for your family.

I don't believe the earth has a form of a globe.

I don't watch TV.

I'm full of hope that one day we'll all wake up and know - there's nothing more beautiful than the moment of now.

I'm in love.

Hello @krazykrista many thanks for this great opportunity
I am very emotional
I love dancing
And I love travelling (tour)
Here is my my bitshare account name Blery716

Now that´s a challenge I like, very interesting comments so far! Thank you @krazykrista :)

Here are three not very well known facts about me:

  1. I once owned a horse and attended in military, dressage and showjumping competitions.
  2. To get a regular income I´m a schoolbus driver fo children with special needs
  3. It drives me crazy when someone points to me with a long spiky object


Hello @krazykrista - thank you for such an awesome challenge idea - I love it . Three random facts about me

  1. I am learning how to Kitesurf.
  2. I love wearing sunglasses and feeling like a celebrity.
  3. I am planning to spend 3 months in Thailand . . . soon.
    Bitshares Account - queenmaevev2
    My intro video is here too https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@queen-maeve-v2/cyr15j55
    Thank you and see you soon,
    C :)
  1. ahhhmmmm .....
  2. I like rock music
  3. I am a so-called ovo-lacto-vegetarian
  4. I am not an animal lover but I do believe they deserve a far better treat than they receive
  5. it takes me time to write because I think things over many times - and still many times I hit the "send"-button to soon
  6. I have no single preferred colour, there are beautiful nuances everywhere
  7. my preferred numbers are 3, 7 and 17

the openledger accountname is rudolf-michael-17

Random facts about me:

  1. I have five children, all birthed at home
  2. I am far more comfortable on a stage performing (in pretty much any capacity) than I am in a group or crowd of people.
  3. I am an empath
  4. I am creative and artsy
  5. I hate doing the same thing twice. Once I've been (in my own mind) successful at something I wanted to accomplish, I'm done with it and rarely ever want to do it again.
  6. I don't feel old enough to be a mom to adult kids
  7. I have been married for almost 24 years
  8. I have lost 62 pounds in the last year.
  9. I have an unimpressed cartoon llama painted on the inside of the front door to my house
  10. I have 'Wild Things" staring at me from my bookshelves across the room.

bitshares user name is byn-always

I'm a Marvel Fan

I like the Rick and Morty show

I prefer pc to console gaming

I'm currently studying Chemical Engineering

My sister just walked into my room

I'm writing this at Midnight...

That's all fer now @krazykrista

Bitshare username xretrovile02

i love eat fish
my favorite color is blue
i love travel
i can sing on front of people and i have nice voice
i hate the enemy between people for the how be best i like do best without enemy
i afraid from high place

Facts about myself.

Until recently, I didn't know I could write beautiful poems

I hate going into a busy place. It's mad out there

I am always shy about starting a conversation with a new friend but would take over when the other finally starts.

I eat mostly junk food

Until now, I never imagined having a degree in Law.

My openlegder account is harry-will

I would have sworn #5 was cursing.....(pun intended)
My grandmother and 3 aunts worked in a cardboard factory, that is a tough and dirty job.....(not intended to be a fact about me, but to recognize the tough job you had)


  1. I love to watching football and my best club is chelsea

  2. I dont like eating too much but my best food is rice and beans

  3. I love to read motivational and inspirational books and journal hence i am motivated by books

  4. I love making friends and sharing knowledge hence love to network in my little capacity

  5. I love all colour but my best colour is lilac and purple

  6. I am an electrical engineer and practicing for just 8years now

My new bitshares account is samest1

Thanks for all your support.

My whaleshares shout out show is growing bigger everyday

Thanks @krazykrista for another wonderful challenge.
Here are some random facts about me

  1. I love to sing
  2. I can't swim 🙈🙈
  3. I have never had a pet before
  4. I love making people around me smile
  5. I rarely give up
    Bts username: dha-yor01

I’m a Microsoft fanatic.
I have one elder brother.
I hate liars.
I rarely say “Sorry” but I mean it when I say it.
I say more “Nos” than “Yes”.
I used to dance when I was a kid.
I rarely watch TV shows and new movies now.
My favorites change rarely… in fact very rarely.
I don’t like to follow trends.
BTS username:warudo265

I use the toilet every morning .
I prefer reading to movies.
I love food but dislike cooking.

I use steemit almost 18 hours a day.
I'm a dateless man :p
Never had a dream, or I can say I didn't remember my any dream.
I Don't have bitshare account.

Hey Krista, here is my confession lol

  1. I love to play billiard games
  2. I have a strange hobby (pen spinning)
  3. I love biking
  4. I love to read about Sigmund Freud and his work
  5. I am weirdo lol
  6. I am afraid to drive a car
  7. I think that humanity is overrated (but this whole cryptocommunity proves me wrong, which I like it lol <3)
  8. I want to play guitar but I suck at it...
  9. I think that The National is the greatest band ever!
  10. I promise myself that every new year will be better which is never the case lol

Aaaand that's me, also I got my account back on OpenLedger rofl, just a fun fact... :D Virtual crypto hug :)

My Bitshares username: lost108

good to hear from you dude :)

Thanks a lot Krista, u do wonders to WS community! :)

I flew on the Concorde.
I was invited to the oval office to meet the president.
I won a pie eating contest in the 5th grade.
(not necessarily in that order)

which president? and did you go? oooooh pie, yum

Yes - Bill Clinton

I am always cold

I like to dance; especially in the rain

My favorite colour is brown

My favorite movie is Evil by Mikael Håfström

I have read every book by Stefan Zweig

I meditate once a day

*I never enjoy smoking outside my home
*I can hurt everybody except my girlfriend
*I spend 13 hours a day on my laptop
*I become weak when I get a hug

My bitshare account is hatemmkh1

Congratulations to whoever the winner is. Good job to you too.

everyone wins!

except izge 🚫

not fixedbetwin either

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

Hey @krazykrista, i just created the bitshare account as you directed,
Here's my user i.d: austine-bizzy
Am yet to know how it works.

Come see me in discord and I will happily explain

well post keep it up ...... thanks for shareing

puke....that is not getting to know each other at all.

Hahaha...I think hes a human robot...lol😂😂

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