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RE: 💫 Simple Monday Challenge 2!! 💫 Share a Random Fact About Yourself with Me!

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Hello @krazykrista
Thanks for this wonderful challenge. I hope to win some whaleshares.

Some Random Facts About Me

  1. I like to read and I don't enjoy writing.
  2. I have an imaginary pet cat and I named her Felicity.
  3. I am agoraphobic and shy though some people think I'm coy.
  4. I cry at least once a day.
  5. I really don't have a mastery of any language. I just know the languages in a bit.
  6. I'll like to keep an Afro but my hair is very tough and easily get tangled, so I never do.

Well, that's some facts, Would drop more if possible. My bitshares account name is "learnandteach01".



oh don't cry hugs You will definitely get some whaleshares, you participated flawlessly :)

Awwwn. Thank you. And we have something in common, our favorite colour is green. Why did you chose a tarantula for a pet? Hope it didn't bite you.
You singing in front of everyone and cant do public speaking still got thinking. I can't speak in public too..🙈

Really you cry once daily, but the day I saw you, no tears

Hehehe. I did already before we met. It's usually just tears from prolong staring at my phone.

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