Some Random art of Kindness

It's one of these things i really enjoy to do.
Putting someone else's art in the spotlight in my own particular cartoon style.

The pictures featured today are from the following authors.

Some freaky streetart from Berlin by @akashas
Evidence that @scrat opens his eyes while travelling.
Some Mc Graffiti from Miami by @tastetwist

All about the Pommegranate by @rabeelmanzoor
A very cool drawing of Deadpool made by @jaquevital


One more appearence of a very special lady lady friend: @artedellavita

In the picture below are photo's of @foxkoit @voiloo and @dinsha

Summer colors of the Animal World by @olegst.

If you want me to include your photo's please let me know in the comments.

For more cartoon art check @news-today


If @dinsha has the palm tree for some reason I like that the best but I watched a tropical retreat video today so I am in the mood for Hawaii. lol

I like the apple in the sand from that RAOK pic.
Also very beacht don't u think?

I like the sand but that apple doesn't look very good. It's too yellowish. lol I think a bright red apple would have looked awesome although I do generally eat the green Granny Smith apples.

That is WAY better. :) lol

Nice creations!! Overall in the firt picture (for me)
What about these
What do you think about?
The author is my brother...his name is Sebastían

I like them, they seem to scream at me ;-)

How will the taste of those ice creams be?
Very exotic judging by the colors 😊

Wonderfull Click & Article also.

good work my friend. Actually i am also a photographer
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Your photos are very well article is amazing i'm waiting for your next post

Nice art and artical.



This are all so beautiful <3


These Pictures are very fascinating ...
Keep Up @news-today


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Nice pictures. Keep up the good work. I like your pictures. Nice article!