That is an... odd building design to use for social welfare. Hmm.. I like the coffee shot. Mmmm... coffee. Even at night, a few minutes past midnight, after a few beers, I could do with some coffee.

I was surprised as well, however it's more of a symbolic landmark that represents their achievements in social welfare, from what little I know, and isn't the actual government building for applications to go through lol
As for coffee, don't know what's wrong here, but I can ONLY drink it at night and never in the morning 🙃

That's a little strange, but then again I usually don't drink much coffee in the AM. Either I go without or I drink green tea/matcha. So maybe I'm similar, I don't know. I do know my dad went from a heavy coffee drinker to a man who if he so much as tastes a sip at any time of the day, he can't sleep. Knowing that we share the same DNA and so I could be in for the same fate, I enjoy coffee as much as I can right now.


I prefer the first picture and would actually love to see how it changes color at night. Great capture @kaliju.

Wow! What a cool building. Korea does things right! I bet that coffee is good!

It's quite good, they can add extra shots of espresso without charging extra 👍

I would be all over that! I have a tendency to like strong coffee.

That building looks like a space ship landed or something. The contrast between the futuristic looking building and the last landscape is great.

Kinda looks like a whale, too :D

All you can see if the types of fish of I did a post a while back with snow sculptures and as I was walking this one made me instantly think of Steemit. It's clearly fish, but the school of them swimming around in a circle made me think of the minnows swarming around whales hoping to get their scraps.


lol that is so true @thedarkhorse

No words to express my love brother❤️
Amazing work


Glad you liked it J. D ✌️Thanks man.

Damn, I like them all because I learn something! Do you have really good social welfare there or something? In Canada the welfare buildings are not that good, usually small and you have to wait in line for hours and hours to see anyone.

Also, pretty landscapes, yummy coffee!

Thank you, I think here in Korea, what they mean by calling it a social welfare building is that it's basically a symbol for the system in place and not an actual place where you go to apply for social welfare. There's a coffee shop inside and a Korean history museum thing happening as well. And yes, I know that Toronto welfare buildings are way more fun lol

Liked the design of the building..I liked the 3rd click the best because it's so natural.

It's truly breathtaking in person.

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