Basically I live in Dhaka ( Capital city of Bangladesh)where so many building and less tree. Last 10 years, I never see a grasshopper in the city. when I lived in my village, I played with them. Your grasshopper took me back my childhood. Special thanks to you for sharing this excellent picture.

Ha ha, i really liked how you described the grasshopper part and it really includes the funny aspect and thanks for sharing the colourful trees and in my opinion we get very less opportunities to see this kind of beautiful and colourful chain of trees and in my opinion when we walk beside it, then it will definitely going to give the breathtaking effect and also it's really admirable and nature's colourful art. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Sometimes when one does not know what to write, grsshoppers come to the rescue. Thanks for viewing and commenting man! I love those trees as well.

Ha ha, that's really nice to hear. Thank you. 🙂

Another 3 great photos! The beauty of the first goes without saying. The colored leaves are always the highlight of autumn and it's what we start looking forward to as soon as the summer heat hits. The second is a great person shot. Always a challenge getting so close to someone for a shot without getting a reaction from them. The third... ah, grasshopper, you have much to learn. hah. I am always making that Kung Fu reference which no one in Japan ever gets. Hmm... most younger foreigners don't get it either. Crap—getting old!

Good shots as always, my friend. I hope getting out and shooting does help you with your anxiety. I am always teaching my photography students of the benefits of daily photo walks. Not only do they help with creativity, but I think they help with mood and feelings too. Keep up the good work.

I did process the trees photograph in lightroom with my custom preset pack that I shared here before, but that's only to give it a little punchiness in colors. This was late fall 2017!
Taking shots of people requires being a ninja these days, no question about it. I do find it funny how people tend to duck and cover their faces when I'm shooting and yet Korea is the worlds biggest country in CCTC count. Buildings, cars, news crew, and god knows where else they have them set up. It's everywhere, so what is everyone so worried about I have no idea lol. Love the grasshopper reference, it never gets old even we do ;) Thanks for the compliments David and this coming from a real photographer makes me want to keep trying to get better at it! It's a fairly recent undertaking for me. Spent a ton on gear just to realise that in the end it's about going out and doing it consistently with whatever you got!

Haha yeah I know. There are tons here as well. Outside your house you basically have to assume you are on camera. I guess people have kind of a helpless attitude towards it, kind of like they've given up, but with photographers they still feel they have enough power to avoid the shot. They think "the gov and all private businesses may be recording my face, but by god I'll avoid that photographer!" haha It's silly but people are silly. I've shot people long enough that I can kind of guess which people will or won't care, so I try to not even provoke the ones who look like they don't want it. But being a ninja helps ;)

You know, I think buying a lot of gear only to realize it's not about the gear is kind of a rite of passage. Welcome to being a photographer ;) I have a lot of expensive cameras and lenses but yet I find probably most of the time I'm shooting with... my smartphone. haha. But like you said, it's all about going out and doing it, and so whatever allows you to do that works.

You ever get confronted by people? Hasn't happened to me...yet. But there were definitely cases of mad faces lol

I think with the exception of yakuza Japanese people probably wouldn't get in your face about it. At least it's never happened to me (but then again, I've been careful never to shoot yakuza. Call me superstitious, but it's not worth it). But I also have gotten some nasty looks. If anyone ever had a problem I would be more than happy to delete the shot, but hasn't happened yet.

Hello Kaliju.. It's a good effort of yours to stay consistent on steemit. Sometimes we just run short of topics to post.
Appreciate your photography..

How well you struggle to overcome this:

go out and shoot people and places out in public and I hope it helps me beat social anxiety that I sometimes experience when going out with my camera.

In my country, the mountain jumps are the same. greetings from Venezuela today publish this photo I hope you like it. Orquidea

Beautiful trees! I love the statement .... it's already there ... so true!

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