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Today is quite different...

Today I’m not on track.

Today I want a hot meal.

Today feels like lightning and thunder.

Today is black—darkest kind of black.

Today I want to be home...


Myself is longing for unlimited cuddles and non-stop-a-bit-irking laughters.

And my heart deceived me by wandering inside the box of memories—a move that I strongly disagree.

In this life I’ve known hardship, suffering, and sacrifice.

I’ve experienced love, compassion, and happiness. Life was never easy and also it was never that hard. For it is just always a matter of choice.

And the choice I made was to leave.

I left. I left everything behind. I made myself believe that whatever I do would always be for the better.


As I started my journey

I was overwhelmed with tremendous predicaments and problems that I’d never experienced before. But I swore to myself I’ll never come home crying and such a failure. So I trained myself to keep my heads up, to remain strong and to refuse fear.

If I’m going to look back how far I’ve become

I can say that I’ve done a lot of things, though it may not be what I’ve dreamed of (Maybe, because some things are just meant to stay as Dreams) But still I’m proud of myself for not stopping.


But today it was different.

I told you its like black all over. Its like I’m gazing at the night sky but I can see no stars.

And the only hope that I can see some light is if I can go back home.

I ache to go back home where the light is bright. A safe place where I won’t be questioned. A place where I can put my mask and guards down.

Today I just want to be home.

“Home's where you go when you run out of homes.”—John le Carre

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As always, when I read your writing, I feel your mind is beautiful.
Actually, the whole of you is beautiful.

Love you lots!

Congratulations! Your post has been chosen for the SteemPH UAE : Daily Featured Posts | 28 May 2018.

Thank you for for keeping us motivated. Steem on!

We all do long for home... it is where the ❤ is!

Truly is. Happy that you have your home with you. <3

nice photo shots

Thanks for dropping by.

There's no other place like home

Thank you. Appreciate that you find time to read my post.

Hang in there kabayan. You're doing all that you do for love. Home is waiting for your return.

That's what families do, right? Can't wait. Too excited.
Thank you for dropping by.