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This is more of a rant. So pardon me. Last night was a complete bloodbath in the cryptocurrencies market. Perhaps I was too naive to think that the impact on traditional financial markets was already seen in the crypto market.


So far I think I have navigated the equities market well. I did some hasty trades but they should be ok in the longer term. In terms of the crypto market, I think I could have done better risk management. The rapid drop in ETH also resulted in many liquidations in the DeFi space. Because of that, I think confidence in DeFi will be taking a hit.

Overall, this was a painful experience. I hope this is the final capitulation in cryptocurrencies...

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One hell of a day. That’s for sure. I woke up to BTC down 25% and then tonight saw it tank another 20 so fast. Crazy times — stay safe

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It is indeed crazy times. Now there are chatters that there are serious liquidity issues in the US treasuries market.

Indeed. Even crazier times ahead of us.

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guess the virus is doing it rounds of killing in every aspects of life

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