RE4LITY - Basic Instinct

in #rap6 months ago


just a basic instinct

I share it all I gave it all
I gave you more than your expectations
time for the payback
so i don"t need no feedback
wrote this in the middle of the night
cause i couldn't find no sleep
too busy tryna figure out between myself and all my demons how the heck
could I eventually really endup with the fight
aint a wolf nore a sheep
tryna do my best just to write no shit doough
5 ina the morning birds are wakin up
already singing
sweet melodies but a piece of my heart is playing the deef ears

bleeding black tears
for the dead bees
yea my work reflect these
electric is the tension
lost are many souls in the vilain fiction
swirlin down in the spyral with a bottle full of a many various sick addictions
gettin drowned by such lack of really true and powerful convictions


so many pretending to be the queens or the kings above the holy creation
fake famous idols all around the world
just poor little puppets
handled by the real ruler of the nations with the big horns
blood guts tears drenching up the ground openup the pandora's box
realeasing unconcivable abominatiions
yea i now it's a gloomy depection
so don't forget to ask for more protections