rap challenge 17

in #rapchallenge4 years ago

heres my submission to the rap challege this week. my internet has been really bad, so its a late post:

I’m the money M.I.C, yea that’s value on the mic\ I be flowing like the breeze so I’m sorta outta sight\ I be doing it so easy, so haters don’t like\ I ain’t doing it for T.V, I’m doing it coz I like it\ a Viking, a Mic king, enlighten the frightened and frighten the mighty\ they scared of the lightning, the thunder, the storm, the heavy rainfall\ I’m back in this bitch and I’m killing you all\ its all love tho; I’m just spitting facts\ take a look at all the pats on my back\ take a look at all my raps on these track\ if you don’t like it; your opinion is wack\ wicki wicki wack, that’s a fiki fiki fact\ I’m too jiggy for these cats, I’m too wicked with the raps\I’m just spitting for my catalogue, I’m analogue like that\ I still kick it when they hating on me, I don’t fall back\ I’m a one man army, but I ain’t fighting jack\ I just get up on the mic do my thing and that’s that\ I jus kill ‘em with the rhythm and the vibe of the track\ I just kill ‘em with the feeling that I get from the boom bap!