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OMG! We have had some serious crazy weather in New England the last two days, the storm last night knocked all of our power out and I wasn't able to post the winners for week #17! I am sorry about this guys, but you guys will have new beats tonight (as long as the power doesn't go out again), lol.


Everyone who is participating in the rap challenge every week should have a OpenLedger DEX account by now in order to receive your FLOWS Tokens. These tokens will be used in a lot of ways with the rap challenge and will be worth 1 SBD in value. You don't have to receive your tokens if you don't want them but the more people who hold the tokens the better it will be for the challenge and the value of the token. So please create an account on www.openledger.io and send me your username on a comment.

@VERBAL-D - Loved your energy in this and the singing at the end was very dope, dual talents! Keep it coming bro.

@KAYKUNOICHI - Homesis you RIPPED this, your message in the music is always felt and your lyrical ability is always impressive to me. Great job

@BOYCHARLIESPLAYS - You got bars my g, you already know. Loved the flow and loved the delivery, keep that fire coming!

@MICKEYMIC - I was feeling this bro, good cadence and good rhymes. Overall a very good entry bro!

Honorable Mentions

I also want to thank @kenentertainment, @enginewitty, and @redsfallin for your entries this week. Each of you will be receiving 1 FLOWS token. If you are unsure about what FLOWS are, message me on Discord, or leave a comment and i'll answer you. Great job guys!

Thank you everyone again for supporting the Rap Challenge every week. We couldn't do this without you!, Peace and Bliss.


Hey what’s going man, I’m new to steem and love everything you guys got going on. Do you mind feeding me a play by play in how I go about participating in the weekly challenge.

Congrats @verbal-d for the win this week! Congrats to all the winners and participants let's keep this thing going for weeks to come.

boughta bring it again this week. who's ready? upvote if you are :)

Hey @rondonson still havent received anything on my Openledger or through the steemit wallet, is there going to be a cash out soon from the past weeks?

@rondonson i'm not sure if my account is working but it is boycharlieplays-114

Thank you @boycharlieplays for the kind congrats. Same to you and I look forward to your next barred up entry this coming week. I know you're ready just as I am. Let's go

Ya shit was mad dope bro! Congrats!

I would actually like to see some scores from judges, if there's still more judges? Not that the others didn't deserve first and second place but just to make the competition as interesting as possible :)

i second that! Privat where you been bro? You missed like 3 challenges, you alright brother?

Yea I know thanks for keeping an eye on me. Been busy and sick but I'm coming back this week I hope!

get well my dude

Judging and winning is all preference based. I am pretty sure there are many people who love one entry and hate another and vice versa. But there definitely should be a point system if we want to legitimise and officialize the outcomes. @boycharlieplays definitely came with the heat

Great Job @verbal-d You definitely show much talent, and Congrats to all the other winners you all did great, and thanks for all the love in my first trip out.. I am not going to let nerves hold one back any longer haha!!

I am also way new and do not know my way around openledger well, just a heads up..

Appreciate you truly, thank you and you also put a good entry out for your first week in. Keep it up. We got more ground to cover. Openledger was tricky for me at first but just browse around for a few days and you'll get the hang of it, it just takes time to adjust to the visual layout, and you can also check youtube for tutorials and what not or ask a question in our community.

Thanks a lot for the confidence boost.. and yea the ledger is way weird. That reminds me I have to check that haha!
I am sure if I have any problems there are plenty of places to find the answer by now.

You're welcome, and yes we are all only a question away for helping you out.

Keep it up brilliant!

thanks bro

@rondonson i havn't received that flow token, did your power go out again? Stay safe out there big homie!

yooo why havent you released the earnings to the winners???

Congrats to all the winner dope stuff all around!

a content that is challenging and one good idea.

Great Job Everyone who participated! Let's keep this thing going! Much Love <3

Thank you to everyone who supports the Rap Challenge
I appreciate the love and support truly, and I'm glad to see us all growing daily inspiring one another.
Congrats to all the other winners and participants
This isn't always easy, 'cause it is so easy to fall off.
We keep each other on point due to our own hunger to make an impact in Hip Hop. Keep it up!

My open ledger is
verbal-d #367847

Its been long I participated @rondonson Big Ups ma mahn. Congrats fam @verbal-d @kaykunoichi 🙌🏾

Thank you bro, all love and respect. Hope you participate next time

Congrats to everybody!

I can't wait to hear the new beats

How is the power situation over there? I hope you're doing alright.
Is the Rap Challenge going to continue soon?