Rap Thursday always comes faster than one believes ... bring the female rappers v.1

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Rap Thursday is a time to sit back and pull up some nice hip-hop/rap tunes and share it for those that like good tunes.

This week, lets discuss a few awesome female rappers. Spoken word is rap, rap is spoken word...

Need to start with Lauren Hill, well because she can sing and rap:

You just lost one? "what a bum, bum"... awesome.

uffie... couple of hit wonder, but this is cool... with justice which does not hurt this one bit. Unless you do not like one of the best electro groups on this planet?

on to the 212?

Another close to one hit wonder? Still very cool, the potential of azealia is high... a bit full on but cool... and cool video. Hipster as!

Nicki Minaj doing one of the best verses ever:

From monster, full song here

Let's finish with MIA. Do you know MIA?

Social justice and awesome rapping / spoken word. Having Diplo doesn't hurt. In fact Diplo helps everything. Literally everything. Don't believe me?


Hope you enjoyed this mix of the best female rappers v.1 for Rap Thursday... more to come!


Bonus: And we all love bonuses!

Live MIA: