Raspberry PI project opening

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My new project:

Raspberry PI 4

The ** Raspberry ** is a so-called single-board computer or a "craft computer" as I like to call it.
The Raspberry PI is currently available in the perfect versions:


Raspberry PI 3 with .... GB RAM and the connections:

The current Raspberry PI 4 with .... GB and dwn connections

In the meantime, the Raspberry PI project has become a powerful microcomputer. Who can keep up with, or even surpass, some of his big brothers very well. It is suitable both as a small server platform and as a desktop computer for everyday office work. It is also conditionally suitable as a game computer, provided it can be played on a Linux system.
Here is a small list:
I use it myself for the areas of web server, data backup, media center, mail server and desktop computer. In the future I would like to control and monitor my apartment with the Raspberry.
I use this Raspberry PI for the various tasks.

Various servers, currently the PI 3, in the future with the PI 4 8GB

Desktop (work computer) Raspberry PI 4 8GB

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