Bob Henderson ran a speak easy repair shop out of a cinder block building..

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..behind someone's house, two exits past Memorial and 285.
His grandson knew more about ASG and Norris Jones Junior than I did, as we ate hot dog, pizza and drank Sunkist orange soda.
Thirteen years ago, I drove a 1995 Saturn SL1 with a failing transmission to a neighborhood behind QuikTrip to pick up an ailing 2004 Laredo, where they promptly replaced a water pump which needed not be replaced; and all my hydraulics failed, once the Jeep was returned. The rear lift gate would not stay open, and a stick was needed to keep the hood up. Good times.
I missed out on a late nineties Lexus, both fans exposed, which the owner decided to keep himself. And a green, early 2000's Nissan Sentra with tinted windows.