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I'm in every way a great lover of blockbusters, C.I.A., F.B.I., SWAT, and other related action movies. The suspense, the action, and crime-solving make it all an epic see for me. After doing a frantic search for a great film to watch, a comment on one of the social media platforms leads me to Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.


From the movie's little introduction paragraph, I immediately knew that it was going to be a fascinating one to watch. I quickly head over to one of the best movie download sites I've known in a while - 02tvseries - to look for this movie. It is a seasonal movie and only the first season is out with about eight episodes. I quickly download the 1st episode and immediately get down to it.

The first episode of Jack Ryan begins with two boys dancing to the "safety dance song" when their mum walks into the room. She scolds them for not doing the chores she asked them to and sends them outside. They run out with the elder "stealing" meat as they run through the kitchen. They are soon outside, and here we get to learn that one's name is Mousa after his brother brings his attention to incoming jets spitting bombs and heading towards their direction.

After that, we get to see a man paddling a canoe and later almost getting hit as he cycled to work that morning by someone who ends up becoming his new unit Director. They both curse each other briefly and drive off. We later get to know that the cyclist is Dr. Jack Ryan. James Greer, who is the new director, was demoted due to some yet known events. When he meets with his unit, they do an introduction where Ryan gives an insight into some of the happenings in the area he covers – Yemen – as a financial analyst.


I think I love how the movie begins to build up from first level suspense before leveling down to normal. This way, we are aware that a lot of actions are in the pipe. We get to hear the name Suleiman, who was mentioned by Jack during his introduction. A few of the Muslim Militants visits Suleiman's home and drops off a stranger during his absence.

According to Ryan's theory, Suleiman is planning something big, but we don't know what it is yet. With several SWIFT transactions amounting to almost $9 million linked to Suleiman, twenty times bigger than what 9/11 cost, Ryan wants the account frozen. Greer declines but Ryan goes behind his back to freeze the account.

From his actions so far, we can say that Ryan is a very determined person, out to get whatever he wants not minding the cost. It is quite evident in the way he manipulates Teresa of Treasury unit who seems to like him a lot, into ordering the demarche and freezing the account.

Greer also shows himself to be a man full of ideas after he goes down hard on Ryan in his office for going behind his back to order the demarche. A secret police operation in Yemen has the S.A.D. bring in two middle-aged men suspected to be linked to the now frozen stash account during a sit out with the bank manager.

Greer and Ryan fly out to witness the interrogation, but not before disrupting Ryan's moments at a birthday party and giving him an unprecedented exit. They meet both suspects, and after Ryan calls the phone number linked to the transfers and the phone held by one of the suspect rings, it becomes clear that they have a winner.

At the military outpost where the investigation takes place, the militants bring bodies of dead terrorists. They are trying to strike a deal or something. However, their actions later turn out to be a hoax. What they managed to do was to smuggle one of them alive into the outpost with a gun buried in a dead's stomach.

As night falls, a truck drives up to a few meters from the gate of the outpost. The soldiers on duty feel it is the men that have come earlier now requesting for more money. It is only when the driver revs his engine and heads towards the gate that they realize that it is an attack and they open fire and kill the driver. Unfortunately, the bomb-laden truck is already at the entrance and soon blows, destroying it.

It is then that the main attacking force of the militants shows up, driving several trucks and shooting and killing the soldiers in their line of sight. With the severe gunfight going on outside, the infiltrant into the camp disarms a soldier. The soldier then leads him to where they held the suspects at his request. He kills the first one who was thought to be the main guy and demands to be taken to where they kept the other suspect.

Luckily, Ryan is there and fights with him for a while. It is a fierce battle, but a combined effort of the suspect and the militant gives them the more significant edge over Ryan. At the point where Ryan is almost shot, he makes a smart move, holding up the grenade he picked from a dead soldier's armor and which he had already activated.

Shooting him would be a dick move, so the infiltrant is asked by the supposed bodyguard suspect not to kill him. He is released, and they walk out to freedom. However, Ryan first identifies him as the Suleiman that had been popping up on his radar for a while.

The two men escape over the fence and rejoin their militant brothers in the trucks. Both men hug as the vehicles speed off and a flashback. Remember the two brothers at the beginning? Somehow, they manage to survive the bombing raid. However, the younger one has his knees stuck under a burning log of wood.

Mousa, the elder runs to where his younger brother is crying out in pain and with his bare hands, lifts out the burning wood to reveal the mangled knees of his brother. I think this flashback is a way of connecting the past to the present for both men. I put one and two together and realized that it is their way of telling us that Suleiman (Mousa) saved his younger brother in the past, and younger brother (whom we still don't know his name yet) reciprocates in like manner.

I am all for this movie as their first episode is a lesson to filmmakers on how to begin a prospective blockbuster movie with the right bang. We have virtually everything in this first episode from suspense to action, to parties and even a gunfight. And while Ryan says to everyone that he is a doctor of Economics and an analyst, his skills have shown him to be otherwise.

The part about the two brothers is a pointer to a few things. First, they are united in crime/terrorism. Secondly, we can come to a hasty conclusion if we may from the flashback that their motive stems from the bombing and destruction of their homes, and killing of their parents by the U.S. Army.

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Hello, @curtwriter. Thank you for your review. This looks like a very interesting movie. At least, your review suggests so. I get really tired and irritated watching a series movie like this. Not gonna add this one to my list but, I like it (based on your review).
By the way, consider adding rate section on your movie review. It's a way to summarise the entire review. I look forward to your next review.


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I like this actor from Parks and Recreation, I look forward to seeing him in this film.
Very thorough and solid review.

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Interesting review. Unfortunately I don't like watching movie series.

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Thanks for your contribution.

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This is movie on my watch list now. Thanks for sharing.

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