"However, college must be finished," - A Contest: Reviewing A Quote That Has Positive Impact On Your Life

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"However, college must be finished, Contest: Reviewing A Quote That Has Positive Impact On Your Life"

Everyone must have a motto in life. The motto that becomes a quote to motivate you to rise from adversity. From keeping it in your heart, it's good to share with friends, relatives, neighbors and everyone. I'm sure there will be something interesting about a quote. Especially if we know that behind the quote there are many stories that lie behind it. Well, @knowledges is holding a contest to review a quote that has a positive impact on your life. For more details you can read on the post Contest: Reviewing A Quote That Has Positive Impact On Your Life
When I read the story in that post I remembered one of my life stories.
At that time I was studying in Semarang. During college I did a lot of activities in the theater. I do a lot of traveling around to various regions. starting from in the area of Semarang, Jepara, Kudus, Pati, Solo, Jogja to Jakarta and Bali.
Busyness to be a member of the theater with a variety of activities, ranging from training, making property to preparing for the stage has made me pay less attention to college. college that normally finished in five years it turns out I'm still not finished. Actually, all that's left is to make a thesis. However, because he was involved in various cultivation and performances, the progress of the thesis was delayed. The more often the stage is delayed longer. I rarely go home, so I don't feel that I've entered semester 15.
When I returned home to meet my father and mother they were very happy. They are like waiting for my arrival. Of course I am also happy when I meet them after only preaching in the mail.
But there are things that become obstacles when they meet with them. my lecture is still not finished either. This is a wedge for me. There is always concern when meeting with them and then being asked. How about you?
But they never asked about that. They still don't want to ask questions like they are watching my feelings. I also feel awkward with them because there is a feeling of fear to disappoint them.

Until one morning I was cooking with firewood in the stove. suddenly the mother from behind approached me. He only said.
"Roh, on the table there is Rp. 40,000.00. Tomorrow you go to Semarang. Complete your script. After all, the school must be finished," he said softly, not appearing angry or disappointed. but I'm sure it's a mother's wish that her child graduate from college.
the quote "however, college must be finished," it really made me realize that every parent wants their children to be able to complete their education.
In the afternoon I immediately said goodbye to return to Semarang. In the course of the sentence the mother rang.
Arriving in Semarang, I immediately got ready to go to campus. ternya aada problem that must be resolved first. Since Semester 8 I never re-registered, so I don't have a student card. I finally opened all the files and found a photocopy of the student card. Immediately to campus and meet the academic and student affairs. They told the requirements to re-register, need to pay all tuition fees for 7 Semesters that have not been paid. Luckily, I represented the campus several times in provincial and national level competencies and won it so I got a certificate. This certificate can be used as a condition for free tuition. Finally, all administrative matters can be taken care of.
After that I immediately met the head of the department in my Faculty. I ask the young thesis supervisor, hoping that it will speed up the completion of the thesis.
The great motivation of the mother to be able to finish college and the desire to make both parents happy finally I can finish the thesis in a short time.
It was when I compiled a thank-you note in my thesis that I included a quote from my mother.
"However, college must be finished,"
Finally, I get my graduation.
So, my message to students who still haven't finished going home and hug mom. Mothers will definitely be very touched and you will be motivated more.

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Hello @rokhani thanks for your submission, here is a nice quote and it is interesting how you shared your opinion and background about it. There are a ton of educational quotes where I grew up, but none like this.

We look forward to your next post.

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Thank you for your appreciation. Everyone has experience then we can share to the audience. i hope my opinion will gift good value for all.

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saya terharu. untuk postingan yang keren setelah ini, akan selalu diupvote. ditunggu ya

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I am reviewing the winners and this is nice.

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