Realizing the Essence of Existence

in #realizing3 years ago

"The essence itself
of existence
it is happiness

In the center of your being
Peace and love are unconditional.

You do not need
to make yourself
be affectionate
be compassionate

By then you are only doing
your idea of ​​yourself
More loving and compassionate.

And in trying to do
to yourself to be a certain way,
you lose the connection
With the essence of what you are.

how are you
You resist love itself.

If you can simply
be honest about your
experience at this time
and allow and feel that,
then automatically
this allow and feel
it awakens you to your essence.

Peace is revealed to you.

When you see your dog
sitting there looking at you,
you do not think
"I should be loving
To my dog ​​".
You automatically feel love.
It has nothing to do with the mind.
or acting in a certain way.
Love is automatic.
Only if you are lost in your thinking.
Would not you feel that love?
As you can see,
love is already here
Peace is already here.
Just because you place
importance in the content
of your thought
Do you miss this love?

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