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Hello friends of steemit I hope you are well, I was away for many days because of travel, I went with a friend to find some things to sell and to help me with my expenses, we were 5 days, when I returned I found the bad news that We will have electricity rationing every day, something that really makes us go through a bad time, in the day it can be carried away but the worst part is when there is no light at night, the silence is horrible, almost does not fall asleep the mosquitoes and also that we are not victims of insecurity.

When it dawns in spite of not sleeping well my mother prepares us a rich breakfast to start the day with energy, in reality there is no date until when it will be the electrical rationing, it is said that for several months so we only have to try to take it from the best possible way, without stress and without bad mood, this causes evils to our body.

Reading is an activity that can relax us, I do it online and I really find very interesting things and I have learned others that I did not know, I was reading about the properties of the pineapple but the most impressive thing is that the shell should not be voted, You can prepare a "miraculous" pineapple juice that can help you with asthma, prevents cataracts, Osteoarthritis, benefits the heart and has anti-carcinogenic properties among others, always remember to consult your doctor before any doubt.


  • 1 liter of filtered water
  • 1 whole pineapple with its peel
  • Sweetener


First of all wash the skin of the pineapple very well, peel the pineapple and separate the skin, removing the fruit and the top, boil the skin with a little pineapple pulp, then let it cool and dilute with a liter of water, you can add sweeteners to improve the flavor, finally strain the juice and consume.



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