Pakakapi pakarera create very eusy

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A healthy breakfast of pakakapi pukra. Although it is fried in oil, but because of the patakpati it is very helpful. It's also very easy to make.



Cabbage in quantity
Onion is very much in quantity
Kanchamicha kuchi kamatamoto so
Egg: 1
Salt to taste
Zirah: 1 tea spoon
Yellow: 1/2 teaspoon
Oil: The amount of frying for frying


Step 1

Cabbage and piage will be very chopped (refined).
Step 2

Mix other ingredients including raw cucumber and muffins.
Step 3

Mix a little water while dry.
Step 4

Put the oil in the submersible oil and keep it in the tissue.

it sounds great your Cabbage recipe

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