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We throw away many portions of the meal or the food, which can be prepared a lot of time with some delicious food. One of the food is the same as the jhon khosta. Moreover, there are plenty of vitamins and minerales and fiber in the scales of vegetables. So also good for health. This rice with hot rice will be very good.



Zinc shell: 1 kg
Cranberry Stuff 4-5
Oil: The amount of frying for frying
The amount of quantity of onion
Yellow powder slightly
The amount of garlic is so large
Hot spice powder: little
Dhanepata Amount accordingly



Step 1

Boil 1 kg of perennial peel and boil it with a little bit of water. (Do not cover the lid when boiling, and the sharp portion should be dropped during the time of the pea).
Step 2

Take the boiled beans in boiled beans.
Step 3

Now oil the oil in the pot, and if the oil is hot, then piyaz khicha.
Step 4

Before making the onion black brown, put the baked beans in it, then add salt to it, a little yellow powder, a little garlic paste, a little hot spicy powder, 4 to 5 green chili slices, stirring with a little water of half a cup.
Step 5

After 15 minutes the water will dry up and the bharta will become and become.
Step 6

Take down the coriander leaves.

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