Healthy breakfast recipe #4: Buckwheat Porridge

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Buckwheat Porridge

🥣 In order to have a lot of power during the day, start it with a healthy breakfast.


✔️Ground cinnamon
✔️Apple purée
✔️Chia seeds


I am not a big fan of porridge but today I will share the recipe of how to make it tasty.

Currently I am living in the USA, in Florida and in one of the grocery’s stores I found a buckwheat porridge with a cinnamon flavor which is already divided into portions.


🥣Step 1

 Put one portioned bag of a porridge into a pan. Add water to cover all the porridge. Then also add some milk. Approximately twice less than water.


🥣Step 2

 Start to cook. After the water boils, reduce the fire and continue to cook and stir all the time, avoiding the burning of your porridge.

🥣Step 3

Cut the banana 🍌.


🥣Step 4

On a preheated skillet fry bananas with a very small amount of butter, 50 gr of honey and ground cinnamon according to your taste until bananas become soft.


🥣Step 5

For beautiful serving put porridge in a bowl first and then add bananas, apple purée, chia seeds and flaxseeds.


And that’s it, enjoy your healthy breakfast 🤗


Your 'Healthy breakfast recipe' if great post! breakfast we have to have like a king.......... i mean plenty energy

You are so right! Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time every morning to spend much time on preparing our breakfast 😔

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I don’t mind, you can add me. Ok, I will check it in a few days when I will find some time. Thanks!

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Wow looks so yummy !