New Series: Amateur Cook

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Amateur Cooking Series

I'm not a very experienced chef. In fact, I tried living on Soylent for a couple years and didn't cook a single thing during that entire time. I liked Soylent, but it had a tendency to give me stomach issues so I'm moving back to regular food.

I'm also trying a Keto diet, which pretty much means I can't eat anything at any restaurant. So the finite number of keto friendly dishes I could cook got old really fast.

The bottom line is I've been looking at a lot of recipes online. I'm not a great chef, but I can follow recipes well enough to make good food.

But... I've been constantly annoyed by recipe websites. The authors put their entire life story before the recipe, there's all kinds of spammy ads, and sometimes the instructions are unclear.

So I've decided to start transcribing the recipes I try to Steemit!

In this series you'll get:

  • The recipe itself first
  • The link to the original
  • My inline comments on preparation
  • Updated instructions or comments for anything that was confusing
  • A quick review at the end
  • No ads!