Another yummy - fried chicken breast fillet!

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Hello, my friends!

There is nothing easier and quicker than fry chicken in a frying pan pieces. Such a treat to perfectly complement any side dish, whether it's a classic potato or plain pasta. Yes, and in itself, this dish will be a great lunch or hearty snack in a hurry.


Chicken – ½ kg;
Sour cream – 1 Cup;
Sunflower oil – 50 ml;
Herbs, salt - to taste.

Let's start to cook! :)

Fillet cut into medium size strips and thrown in a hot frying pan, greased.

Fry meat slices should be on high heat, constantly flip until the slices are lightly browned on all sides.

Then add salt and your favorite spices, reduce the heat and hold our dish under a lid for 5 minutes.

Then coat the meat with sour cream, add finely chopped dill. Simmer for another 15 minutes.

Our yummy whip up ready! All to the table and Bon appetit!

Photos taken with Canon a1300

30 second exposure


Thank you! And it was very tasty :)

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