DALLO BADUM (Stir Fried Squid) in Sri Lanka Recipe

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  1. 500 grams medium pink squid (Dalla) Cleaned and cut into rings.
  2. Black aweet tamborin Jjice (about 3 tablespoons fulls.)
  3. Two large B/Onions cut into thick round sloces.
  4. One table spoon red chilly semi ground.
  5. One table spoon curry powder normallu used for sea foods.
  6. Two bulbs garlic finely chopped
  7. Four or five tender curry chillies, (Malu Miris) chopped into 1/2' size rings or long angular strips.
  8. Curry leaves (Karapincha)


1.Marinate the chopped squid with Tanbarin Juice, Salt and some bleck pepper. leave for 15 minutes.

  1. Place saucepan on medium hot fire and add a little cooking oil. when oil is hot gently place the garlic, curry leaves, and onion rings and allow to simmer and brown.
  2. place the squid on the fire and allow it to cook and all juices get fairly dry in the pan.
  3. add a table spoon full of cooking oil and now allow the squid to get fried stiring until bark brown appeae.
  4. transfer the onion rings and other contents into the squid and finally the chopped curry chillies. Cover pan and leave on warm fire until ready to serve.
    Finally, You may add some finely chopped tomato and a little Corrinderor Mint as

squidimage-page-001_s600x600_c1968x1150_l0x884 (1).jpg

Serve hot with rice or bread. Enjoy!


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