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Goodday apes of the Hodl space, Otto11 here and I believe you are holding strong through the bear.

Today we'll be talking about Reef and why you should consider holding some for the long term (NFA).

to start with I believe by now you already understand or at least have an idea of what Defi (Decentralized Finance).

Well then, let us get right into it.

in Reef's noble quest to make DeFi easier, I will be highlighting 3 new features (some aren't added fully yet to the Reef ecosystem to prove my point.

So firstly ...

Reef Bonds :

Imagine you have a piggy bank and this piggybank has a lock feature that you can program and decide on when you want to be able to withdraw your savings.

Though this should basically explain Reef bonds what is e about this feature is that it lets users earn by staking, this is during the given time you have decided on which is called the "lock-up period * i.e*; users could decide to pick one of 3 choices (a). 2 years (b). 1 year (c). 6 months. while you earn lucratively.

The second one is ...

Reef Baskets :

Alright, so imagine you are presented with a basket with contents like mango, apple, pears, bananas ... etc

Reef baskets are an application designed to help diversify your portfolio, this is possible because one of Reef's defining feature is the "Reef Intelligence Engine"(RIE) which helps users of the reef basket to smarter and careful decisions when choosing what assets to invest on (this includes the risks and potential returns).

So in deciding what fruits best suit you and knowing when and at what time to eat them in other to get the best benefits this is where the "RIE" serves as an indicator .

Now for the third and final reason...

Reef Chain.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine has enabled the creation of ERC20 token on the Etereum blockchain and as developers got more familiar with EVM they found that they could do more on the "Eth_chain".

This brought about the age of De-Fi and more innovative creations on the blockchain, Reef is an EVM compatible and its utility token $Reef can serve as a lot of things like ;

  • It serves as a governance mechanism and the reward structure of the protocol.

  • A medium of exchange.

  • Used for staking.

  • As yield distribution.

$Reef's the easiest to follow and understand defi platform and with the fact that it's made great strategic partners.

I personally feel if you still being skeptical about Reef , you may actually miss out on a revolutionary project here and that happens , you'd still be famous (like the BTC pizza guy) or just be like Seylor who rides the tides high or low but still hodls on.

for starter though you can join the :

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