How to cope with the pain of parting: 9 tips

in #relations4 years ago

To the pain of parting was faster, use the tips that will help survive the rupture of relations.

Do not promise to remain friends

It's in an ideal world that the former beloved part with a smile and promise to be friends to the grave. In reality, it can be painful to see someone who once gave love and affection, and now put someone else's photo on the desktop. If the wounds do not heal, allow yourself to be selfish and do not promise to stay with a former or former friend. At least until the moment when the passions are not settled and the wounds are not prolonged.

Unfriend in social networks

The problem of modernity - every step of a person is captured on the Internet. If the heart is broken, turn the page and do not be friends with the former in social networks. You do not need to know where the ex-lover spent his holidays, with whom he went to the cinema or what gifts his new boyfriend is filling with yesterday's passion. If the hand does not rise to press the treasured button, at least exclude the news of the former from the tape. And there - time will tell.

Delete saved messages and dialogs

New life - clean archives in the phone and instant messengers. No matter how sorry the past, delete all the messages in the chat rooms to avoid the temptation to re-read them in a melancholy mood. Otherwise, drunken hysterics, as well as calls for which you will later be ashamed, you are provided. You are both different people, and there is no return to the past. It's time to clear the memory.

Delete the number of the former

Callous calls with attempts to explain themselves to no one's benefit will not come. You will be hurt, the former - awkwardly. Delete the numbers of the ex-beloved immediately after the relationship is broken. After a couple of months of silence in the air, you may well want to talk with someone who was once passionately loved.

Make a reshuffle in the apartment

Girls after partying often want to do something with appearance: to spite the former haircut or dye your hair in a daring pink. It's not worth it. Instead, make a rearrangement in the apartment or at least the bedroom, so that nothing reminds of lazy Sunday mornings in bed. Is there no way to rearrange the furniture? Buy a pair of new sets of laundry. A new chapter in life - new bed linen. Guys, you too will not hurt.

Go in for sports

Sports will not only help to tighten the body but will also raise the mood through the development of endorphins. If the pain of parting is too strong, sign up for the box and heartily pound the pear. Naturally, under the supervision of the coach.

Do not hurry to meet with others

Spontaneous sex with unfamiliar people has not cured anyone of heartache. It will only get worse. Do not rush, take care of yourself, the desire to enter into a relationship will come later. Look at all the films and programs that the former half did not want to see, go to places where the relationship did not have time to go. Consider that you have a 30-day detox from love.

Do not worry about social networks

Do not rush to tell the world how painful it is for you. The pain will pass, and the sludge and glory of the whiner will remain. Misty statuses, tearful verses, and other vanilla items leave for teenagers. You are taller and stronger than that. So be it, you can lay out one photo. But only one where you are happy and happy with life.

Do not analyze the past

"If I had not started a quarrel," "if I had become a blonde," "if I had come home from work" - you can continue indefinitely. Everything, the train left. Something happened that should have happened. Do not load yourself and do not analyze the past. The best is yet to come.


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