Mentality Issue II, Contributed By @Olawalium

…continued… from part 1


She was right when she suggested another stream of income. I think that no matter how much you earn, always try to have another source of income when it comes to marriage. Finance is very tricky and it has broken so many homes than we can count. When it comes to financing, love is never enough, let’s be truthful. She was right in suggesting another source of income but that shouldn’t only apply to the guy, but to the two of them; if they are actually serious about being together.

I think the lady doesn’t want to be with him. If you really want to be with someone, you will have to support them in every single way and it has to be mutual. I have a big problem with the way she thought; it is the man’s job to take care of the home. That means that whatever she earns is for her but whatever he earns is for them? That’s a selfish and greedy mindset and it doesn’t bode well for the marriage. If I was that guy, I would never get married to someone with a differing mindset as myself.

A lot of people don’t know what marriage is all about and I would blame that guy a little too. He felt because he is 40 years of age he should get married. Marriage has no age timeline. It has to be when you feel ready and it should never be dependent on your age. If you ever consider your age before getting married, you will put yourself in a lot of unnecessary pressure and you will always take it out on your spouse later when things don’t go quite well as you expected.


The pressure would be much and it would make you not to consider all the things you ought to consider without pressure. You will overlook so many warning signs all because you are desperate. Never go into marriage due to desperation because you will wish you had waited a little bit longer. Marriage is a lifetime goal and not a short term commitment. The problem is that most people are already looking for an exit strategy even before they embark on the journey. Now tell me, how can you give your best in such a relationship?

Learn never to decide on marriage due to age and learn to change your mind from thinking that there are some certain responsibilities that are peculiar to your spouse. Always act as the occasion demands. If she is tired and you can cook, as a guy, please do. If you have the cash and he doesn’t but there is a need in the house to be taken care of, as a wife, please take care of it.


Thank you for your time.

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