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I often ask myself, what's the major key to a successful relationship?
Even as there are many factors that contribute to the success of a relationship, one component that sticks out is 'verbal exchange'. It amazes me when i see couples seated close to each other and neither of them is talking. As I peel again the layers of what brought them to such position, I often hear "they do not communicate". So Pathetic!

Without communication, every aspect of your relationship will suffer. Communication is absolutely an art of investment. When we take time to talk, we share our lives with another. I'm not talking about sitting on the sofa whilst both are browsing on their phones. I mean real intimate exchanges.

Can you recall the last time you spoke with your partner like it was the first time? Can we recall when we stopped asking questions about their hopes, desires, fears and dreams? For most of us, getting into a relationship is the easy catch. We might imagine its tough, but in fact, keeping the flames burning and moving it alongside is often the difficult part. But the truth is, it ought not to be.

True communication does not require a number of paintings. It actually can be accomplished in as little as a half an hour per week. But more is better. Uninterrupted, active-listening opens the doorways to greater intimacy and less misunderstandings, which solidify the connection. Being proactive is the first-class manner to counter reactive conversations. And whilst we react, we in many instances are being defensive. And with that, I assume we all could agree that we would rather clear up confusion earlier than it becomes suspicion. Due to the fact that, by the time a person is suspicious, they have already played out the worst case situation on their head. And just in case they have misjudged, if we can provide a bit peace for them, why wouldn't we want to do this?

Let us take a look at it from another angle. Using this analogy, "A relationship is a living entity, communication is the oxygen that keeps it alive". Thus, when there is no oxygen available, the connection wears off. Or, taking a look at another scenario, "A person in a relationship in order not to feel oxygen deprived, seeks another supply of oxygen from an outside source". It starts off with harmless flirting. Maybe a causal work lunch date. Soon it grows into having the internal jokes, text and then blossoms into telling them all the problems that you are facing in your relationship.
Note, Infidelity may not have occurred yet. however, it's just around the corner.

If we use the above series in relationship discord, we in reality can see that the flirting, texting, joking and lunch-dates are forms of communicating. Or in another phrase, "they build intimacy". And that is the point. It takes us very little time to stay connected. The questions we have to ask ourselves; Do we deserve to be in an intimate relationship? Are we willing to invest in a true communication?


Well spoken my friend, communication is the actual key to successful relationship. I really love this,keep up the good work.

Thank you my friend for the acknowledgement and support.

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